What Ohio In Winter Does to This Writer January 2018

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Let’s see, rain, thunderstorm, lightning, snow, sleet, weather warm enough the crocuses popped up their heads and the pussy willows cracked open, the sap started to run and then it snowed again-all in the space of three weeks!  So what’s a writer to do?  Write, of course, and start a writer’s group at the public library, where folks of like mind can go on nasty days, plug in their laptops or tablet and write, send ideas past each other and in general get comforted.  Winter is the time when I normally have tons of time to write, hence finishing the latest book, The Oberllyn’s Overland, but also, starting with T-bear a new book for his series, Rise of the Rebellion, and a new one for my series called It Only Takes a Spark, for the back end of the trilogy, and one at the other end that is tentatively called the Obfuscation of the Oberllyn’s-I think I may have to change that one’s title..  It’s hard to say.  However, we have been busy and we are also putting together a newsletter for folks that will go out shortly and have some really grand things in it-articles about writing, prizes to send for, free downloads…all sorts of lovely stuff.  In the works for this winter is the beginning of a line of children’s books for you to enjoy reading to your kids and maybe grandkids, depending if you are grey enough to have them yet.  Two more books in the Oberllyn family Saga series; a set of religious devotionals for thinking folks and their families, , and possibly, just possibly, a few surprises in the fantasy realm.

Are you interested in being one of our beta readers?  A beta reader is someone who reads all our books first, then writes us a comment about what they liked/disliked or if they found something the editors missed-but in the meantime-you get it first and at no cost to you.  We also include some other freebies for you along the way, so if you are willing to become one of our beta’s, let us know.  We only need 5 more, so best hurry if interested.  

And if you have ten people who would like to get my newsletter or view my website, and you send me their emails, I will send you a choice of a) a gorgeous hand made fingerwoven bracelet or b) a free copy of my book God Wanted to Write a Bestseller-in actual paper, not an e-book or c)a free download of The Infant Conspiracy.  Just comment to me with the emails, all comments are screened: I will remove the emails and then post your comment.  Thanks for your help gettingout the word about our books!

All handmade by Dreamweaver…

And finally, thank you all for being interested in our books and farm.  I have started a new page with a small biography so you can get to know us better, and adding a page of humor because, well, you simply can’t laugh enough…and it’s better than giving into despair and crying..So smile, enjoy and see you next time-and maybe before if you sign up for our newsletter.  If you want it, please send us your email, and anyone else’s who give you permission and want to read it as well.  You will enjoy it greatly, I think.  Just send us a message/comment- I will take your email out of it before I post it.

4 Responses to “What Ohio In Winter Does to This Writer January 2018”

  1. Smithg380 Says:

    I’ve been absent for a while, but now I remember why I used to love this site. Thank you, I’ll try and check back more frequently. How frequently you update your site? kdabfkdkbegedcca

  2. travelerpelton Says:

    I try to get to it weekly-but around here, we have pregnant animals, grandkids due to be born, and other crazy happenings and sometimes I get distracted-and of course there are always books to get written…thanks for writing.

  3. travelerpelton Says:

    I try to do it twice a month-and just updated it now….stay safe.

  4. travelerpelton Says:

    So did I! I still get a daily local newspaper but I skim it for folks I know around here news and then head back to websearching info. Of course, you need to be careful-it’s not all truth and light out there-have a great day.