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Traveler has just completed her latest book, a devotional for lent.  If you want your free copy, then post a comment here and I shall send it out to you forthwith(I just love old English.)  At any rate, the book is for all those who want something to help them understand the difference in trying to be good and being good; to actually understand what it is that God expects of them, and how to make your spiritual life more exciting.  And it’s free for the next 48 hours: it will be posted as a regular book on Amazon tomorrow for $8.99; but you can have a free download of the book right now by posting.  God bless and happy Spring!

7 Responses to “FREE download!”

  1. Laura Martin Says:

    Thanks Jeanette – looking forward to upping my game for lent!!

  2. travelerpelton Says:

    I just sent it out as an email attachment and hope all is well with you-and that you like the little book. God bless.

  3. travelerpelton Says:

    I do hope you enjoy it! May i ask which Ann of my friends you are? I actually have two different Ann’s who have 5 children! I sent it to you as an email attachment and I am glad you are going to read it-let me know what you think

  4. travelerpelton Says:

    I just sent it out as a email attachment. If I could figure out how to do one of those little automatic download things I would but this works, so hope all is well. Blessings and enjoy! Let me know what you think, if you don’t mind. And I hope you like the website.

  5. travelerpelton Says:

    I just sent it out as an email attachment-let me know it arrived safely and hope all is well where you are. God bless.

  6. Sonia Says:

    Really want to be good without trying! Thank you so much.

  7. Larry McKinstry Says:

    Looking forward to reading it.