There are crocuses in my life!

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It’s amazing what a week of warmer weather can do for a yard-the crocuses, snowdrops and primroses, violas and pussy willows are all blooming in full force and the bees are having a heyday…and to celebrate, I went to Amazon and

got the devotional in place for sale, and I set up two time limited sales on The Infant Conspiracy and The Oberllyn’s Overland…one starts March 1 and the other end of March-so a good way to make Spring feel good.

In the meantime, I’ve been putting together my home library: we’re rehabbing an old farmhouse and the first room I’ve gotten finished is the library (of course, I’m a writer) and the library will have my computer corner and such in it: and what I have always wanted to do was to put my books all in a database so I know what I have and where to look up stuff or just to settle in for a good read.  So far, I have 867 entered into it and at least 40 more boxes of books to go…I am estimating 2500 books at this point.  It’s going to be marvelous to have it organized in one room instead of all over my house in various places.

Friday, I will be teaching a seminar for the National Association of Social Workers Awards banquet, Ohio Chapter-isn’t that wild?  I’m talking about Historical Grief trauma.  As a First nations person, I am constantly stunned at how professionals honestly have no clue how to work with folks who have gone through historical, generational pain-and teaching a seminar to professionals in my profession  is my small start at helping others reach an understanding and maybe improve life for others who will be impacted by these people I am teaching.  Wish me luck. More importantly, wish us change…

And I am looking for a Siamese kitten for T Bear-he misses his cat-we raised her on a bottle from a day old kitten…he’d had her for ten years before she passed-and he misses her sorely.

Finally, thank you for all those who downloaded the devotional which is now available on Amazon, or from me if you want an autographed copy.  I’ll be having a time limited sale on it starting March 1-so if you haven’t got a copy, this is a good time to get one…

God bless everyone-and I hope you have crocuses in your life too!

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