It’s Spring; Kittens and books are in great supply!

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As you can see, from kittens-8 of them, sleeping with their two mom’s who chose to give birth together in the barn, to new grandkids, to baby chicks to flowers blooming  and a new edition of our book, the farm is bustling this sort of spring. I say sort of because this is Ohio and this week alone, we had 5 inches of snow Monday, 70 degrees Tuesday with heavy rain, 30 degrees Wednesday and overcast, rain, wind and hail Thursday..and today is Friday, windy, 50 degrees and the sun is shining-so go figure!

Now I wanted to tell you about the revisions made, for those who have asked: I totally redid the cover, had a new editor work some magic to correct any English teacher needs new glasses type errors, smoothed the plot, added some  things to better make it flow with the new books I am adding to the series: incidentally, hoping for a release of the newest book shortly and I need beta readers-if you are interested, message me-send either pm me on FB (Traveler Pelton) or leave a comment below I can reply to so I can set you up for free with the latest in exchange for an honest opinion…

In the meantime, I am learning the ways of putting ads on FB and Amazon, so you might see one of them…and if you do, let me know and I shall send you a free download….

And finally, I hope the weather calms soon because this person is really ready for gardening.  When I have my hands out there in the soil, planting things, I swirl plots and characters in my mind and the writing goes faster that night…

And just to let you know, I will be a guest on the podcast Off the Chain with Yvonne Manson in June and looking forward to talking to you-I’m excited.  It’s a great program-hope you can give it a listen-

Also, will be doing a book signing in April-more info later, here in Mt. Vernon at Colonial Books/Kidshelf in Mt. Vernon-so spring is incredibly busy.

God bless, and drop me a line or a comment, go to Amazon and read the books(I have them on KU now) buy yourselves a copy-in fact, if you want a copy autographed, you can buy it through paypal form me and I shall autograph it and send it out to you myself-see the books page!

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