Spring into our New offer!

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 Here’s the line up!  This is our new Aussie puppy-his name is Sheriff and he’s a dear little fellow, loves to chase feet.  Next  is the latest litter of Siamese kittens, born in the bottom of Tristain’s closet last week, six of them, and just as talkative as their mother Duchess.  And below here is the honeysuckle bush in my front yard, where I saw the first hummingbird of the season this morning…Spring is marvelous on the farm: and it’s inspiring and I have some grand news.

   For a very limited time, I will be offering a free download of the first chapters of the our latest book, The Oberllyn’s Overland: it shows the beginnings of the Oberllyn’s in America and how they became a generational family of undercover agents and scientists.  We will shortly be publishing-as in the first part of June, the newly revamped Kai Dante’s Stratagem-I just got the cover back and I do like it: 

and of course, the prequel before Infant Conspiracy that helps explain how all the mess  started in the world, the die-off, the Retreat Center-and why the Oberllyn’s really, really don’t like the government….the editor is nearly done, as soon as it is back, it’s going to publication and we will be offering a special on that as well…but for now, let’s get the downloads going!  Can’t wait to have your comments on the story!

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