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Everyone is expecting the Book signing to go very well at Colonial Kidshelf, leastwise the folks who have contacted us for more information. T Bear, Fawn and myself will be signing our new books September 21st from 1 to 4 at 855 Coshocton road, Mt Vernon OH. Everyone within is cordially invited to come and enjoy the giveaways, meeting us, the authors, and finding out what the Oberllyn’s have gotten themselves into this time…It’s going to be well worth your while to come out, we’ll be right next to Kroger’s in the bookstore and I can’t wait to meet some of you who have been FBing us.     This is the second book of Tbears series on the future of earth-after we blast ourselves back into medieval times and everything techie is now considered a form of magic, the clan and serf system is set up again with kings and dragons and wizards-it is tons of fun.  The first was called Clan Falconer’s war.  The new one is called Rise of the Rebellion.

Fawn has written a non fiction book on sewing on a budget-part of her new series Living Frugally and well…and I continue the Sage of the Oberllyn family-go to our bookpage to find out more about the new books.  And if you happen to be near Mt Vernon, OH on September 21st in the afternoon, stop by and greet us!  It’s going to be a blast!  I’m going to have hourly drawings and gifts to share.  Might even have some refreshments if I can keep T Bear out of the cookies long enough.  That boy can smell homemade cookies a mile away before I even get them out of the oven!

traveling again, looking for good ideas…

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