Terrorists, Traitors and Spies

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Finally, the middle of the past generations is up on Amazon: the e book is ready, the paperback will be out by Friday-and it’s a real romp through the generations between the Western migration and the present.

The middle generations of the Oberllyn’s carry on the legacy of their father Noah by setting up a network of scientists, spies and informants all over the globe.  This book spans the generations from 1910 to 2010; a time of change and growth.  The family tries to stay out of the feud between Edison and Tesla while beginning to investigate an elusive enemy network that grows into an worldwide web that will plague them for generations.  They survive Two World Wars, The Korean Conflict, Vietnam War and the Gulf Wars  in spite of attacks on them personally from the enemy and from their own government.  Will the legacy of the Lenape negotiators carry the family through discrimination, hatred and treason?  Will there be another seven generations of the people to carry on or will they follow their ancestors into oblivion?


You meet the newest genius in this book, and his sister, Micah and Serena, who are much involved in the present trilogy.  Right now, you can order them through Amazon, or pm me on my FB page, travelerpelton, for an autographed copy.  And when you read it, don’t forget to leave us a review on Amazon!  Thanks so much.

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