It’s Snowing!

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I can’t believe it-of course, I’m in Ohio and the weather is just one of the things we sort of haphazardly wander through; its as if Mother nature comes to the border and says, let’s just screw with all these folks heads for awhile. So yesterday it was 60, alternating between thunderstorms, light rain, mist and overcast; and last night it rained, got windy and today its 25′, snowing and once again winter. My poor pussywillow bush out back was blooming, covered in furry little buds, and today it’s covered in a thin layer of snow/ice.

However, the snow keeps me from spending too much time outdoors and lets me catch up on my correspondence with you, my fans and readers, so it’s a good thing. We all got through the rush of holidays well, I am 2/3 of the way through my next and final book of the Oberllyn Generations Series. There are nine books in all and they’ve done well for us here. I hope you’ve taken advantage of the different sales and enjoyed reading them. The latest one, number 8, or book two of the last trilogy, is called The Importance of Family Ties.

The back cover gives this explanation: “Traveler is back with all the political intrigue, hard science fiction and adventure her fans have come to expect from her tales.  In book 8 of the Future  Generations of the Oberllyn Family Chronicles , Noel, Violet, Kai, Zyanya, Jasmine, Scott, Gabriel, Catriona and their families chase through  the world, pitting their family, resources, intellect and espionage network against the Brotherhood;.  They  erect protective domes over all their safe houses and laboratories as they are labeled traitors and enemies of humanity.  The military is sent to take them into custody  all over the world. As the planet’s plant life dies from the sickened water;  the mutations spread throughout the animal kingdom.  The Oberllyn’s are made the scapegoats for all the world’s problems.  When Micah and Alexander are kidnapped, Noel has to call in help from all the worldwide family to bring them home .     As the family worldwide retreat to the domes, they wonder  if they will  hold through military bombardment?  Will the domes hold? Will the earth survive  or has  the destruction of the environment and the population plummet gone too far to recover?  Will only the people of the domes make it to the next millennium?” It’s a real page turner and I hope you enjoy it.


It’s available from Amazon as both paperback and ebook.

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