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I was on the podcast Off the Chain last night-I thoroughly enjoyed being interviewed.  I always love doing that particular show because the host is not afraid of oddballs like myself.  She seems to take sci fi writing, alpaca raising, Christian  grandma’s in stride.  I appreciate people  who aren’t afraid of other worldviews.  You can go to her site and listen to the archived show if you have time.  

I’ve just about completed the last book of the nine volume series, The Chronicles of the Generations of the Oberllyn Family. I hope to get it all roughed in by end of January, first editing done and the cover ordered in February and have it out for you to enjoy the finale of the family by end of February. Right now, we’re running a temporary price reduction on The Infant Conspiracy-I’ve included a free chapter of it on our Free stories page-so you can get it and enjoy it and not pay full price-love you guys. Or of course, if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can download it for free and read it. Your choice.

In the meantime, above is a picture of a new little dog named Bambi. She’s a doll; weighs in at about five pounds and likes to sleep on my feet. She is afraid of her own shadow, gradually learning to be brave, not unlike many of us as we start learning to write our own books and send them out into the world. Have confidence in your own ideas, your own abilities and make a difference in the world with your writing.  Just like her, be brave in a world of giants.

I have a writers’ group I run at our local library once a month.  I”m always amazed at what they come up with between meetings-some add chapters to their books, one is a home school young lady who is actually writing a newspaper for her family, complete with papers and editorials, family news-it’s darling.  Some are afraid when they come, or just shy.  It’s good to see them come out of their shells as time goes on and learn that this is a forgiving and kind group, and we coach each other to get things done.  If you haven’t got anyone in your area running a writer’s group for aspiring writers, maybe its something you ought to think about starting.  

And as the snow falls outside(depending on which news outlet you listen to, we are getting rain not snow, or 3 inches or 12 inches or possibly a blizzard-go figure-I can look out the window and tell you what’s going on better than that!) spending a little time catching up the webpage, I keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers.  Now on to add some jokes to give you a giggle this time and see you next time! 

And don’t forget to post a review on Amazon for any of my books you’ve read-it really does mean a lot to see what folks think.  Love hearing from you…

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