Rain? Really?

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So for two days, it’s been freezing cold: we didn’t get the blizzard predicted, but we did get 6 inches of snow. It was cold-below zero at night and single digits days, in other words, normal for this time of year winter weather. So last night, it warmed up during the night to 33′ and it’s raining-right now as I write it is 44′ and pouring all over the snow-which is making it melt and now we have flood warnings. And guess what? Tomorrow night is supposed to be in single digits again, so all this stuff is going to freeze. And then it’s going to snow. So I suspect we’ll have winter weather warnings all over again. Now really, we had snow back in November for a couple weeks, and it went away in time to give us a brown Christmas. Then we had fall weather all through November., all the way up to the sixties some days. And now winter has decided to come. Ah well, excellent reason to go get a blanket, curl up in a corner and read for awhile.  

I have completed the rough draft of book nine-and hope to have it out by first part of February-watch for the announcement on that shortly!  L.Spencer is coming out with her book in a short while as well-this one on cooking on a budget-and she means a tight budget so if you are interested in eating better, doing it less expensively and liking what you eat, you need her latest.

I will h ave a freebie out in time for Lent-a special gift for my fans-so watch for announcement on how you get your copy around March.

God bless from all of us here at Potpourri Publishing! Don’t forget to go to my FB page and checkout Traveler Pelton.

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