Polar Express is Real…..

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OK, so I love all the seasons, but for real, it’s cold out there! It got to 7 below last night and the warmest it’s gotten today here in middle of Ohio is 0; that’s right, our high was zero, not counting the windchill which was -25. So this is a day to stay inside, work on book nine and start the freebie book I will be gifting to my fans/friends starting mid march-it’s a a new lenten devotional. I think I will offer two, your choice, one for you to read to kids, one for adults.  I like to gift my fans with something really special and since Lent is a special time, that’s one of the times I do it. But for now, we are going to order the new cover for the last book of the triple trilogy. Once it’s out-and you will be the first to know-I’m going to offer a special on all nine of them.

In the meantime, it’s cold, it’s lovely out and it’s warm inside, so grab hot cocoa, read the new chapter-this time from  Rebooting the Oberllyn’s; read




 the humor page that’s been updated and think warm thoughts of spring, which is only 48 days away as I write this-blessings everyone.

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And drop me a note-love hearing from folks when I’m getting cabin fever. Maybe after the next couple chapters I’ll go put on some soup for supper.


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