Get ready, set and Spring!

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As I write this, it’s snowing outside, but here at Potpourri Publishing. we are getting ready for our spring.  First, the ninth and final book of the Oberllyn series is due out next week.  That’s exciting and we will be offering a couple specials just for you on that.  Titled Kith and Kin, Together , with all the intense action and avneture that Traveler has become famous for, this book starts with the familyunder attack, accused of being traitors, even their friends wonder if the family Oberllyn think tank can survive the corruption that is the Brotherhood.  When even the President succumbs to the mania taking over the earth, can the Oberllyn’s survive?  In the final book of the Oberllyn Family Chronicles triple trilogy, Traveler takes us on a tour of a world decimated by the evil of the Brotherhood; from viral warfare to gene warping mutations, kidnappings and murder, political takeovers and a mystical being known only as the Over Lord, they leave nothing in their wake but absolute destruction. The ecology of the earth has slid into a catastrophic downturn,  with water that is no longer wet and plant life going into shock, the oceans dying and lifeforms rewashing extinction levels.  Famine and total destruction seems inevitable and there has to be a scapegoat. When Noel discovers that they will shortly be under physical military attack from all the world military, Kai and Micah re-allocate protective domes for all the scattered family laboratories and research centers. Micah and Alex dream seriously of space travel  and colonization of new worlds.  The family worldwide must make a decision of whether or not trying one more time to turn it all around is a better use of their resources than just letting it all go  and finding a new home.  With the intense action and paradoxical decisions, Traveler leads us down a road  where we might go in a few years without careful change in how we all live and believe. 

Second, we nearly have our two Lent devotionals completed.  We will be offering them as free downloads to our fan family starting March 3-so you will have them downloaded to use for you and yours.

The first devotional is for you as parents or caregivers to read to your kids: its a whole series of stories about our family and farm and I do hope you will all enjoy it and that it helps you to explain to the little ones more about God’s love. Titled Lenten Stories for God’s Little Children,  these little tales will help you in your finding just the right thing to read to your children each day, morning or evening, to help them find their path to faith.  Light-hearted in tone, but serious in meaning, these stories will be a favorite not just at Lent, but for family worship time.  The stories are gathered from the life experiences of a mother, grandmother and Christian author, and Traveler dearly hopes these bring you and your children closer to each other and to the Good Lord who created us with a thought, who redeemed us with his life and death and who waits in heaven for us, building us a home in His Holy City so we may never be parted again.  May God bless you as you raise your children, his gifts to you,  for Him..

The download will be free until March 10. After that, you will be able to get it on Amazon at it’s regular price in either an ebook or paperback.

The other book, title Natural Morning, is one meditational story for each day of lent.   They are written with a prayer and hope that each one of you finds a blessing in considering God, His gift, and His great love for us all.  I hope you enjoy it.  Watch for an announcement and a sign up button to receive your free copy.  You may chose either the adult or child book for download.


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