Try, Try, Again

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Remember when about two weeks ago I posted we were ready for spring?  So what happens?  See pictures above of our  yard just after the ice storm…

So finally, it melted, we started making maple syrup and I went on a walk with the pom dynasty and guess what we found? (The pom dynasty is what we call out 3 pomeranians)

Those are snowdrops and my mom used to say that real spring was three weeks from the snow drops coming.  Let’s hope she was right.

Something else has been happening here at the farm: we got our two devotionals done-the one is for children and the other adults, just in time for Lent or other times you might want a daily dose of things to consider.  They are both available from Amazon and I’d love it if you could drop us a review about them.  And i do hope they help you in your daily walk with the One who loves us all.  God bless!



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