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Our first kids devotional-stories to read to the little ones in your life.

Two of our books, Lenten Stories for God’s Little Children and The Infant Conspiracy, will be gifted to you free:

The children/s book, Lenten Stories for God’s Little Children will be free for download March 11 through the 15th only. Here are gathered 41 stories you will love reading to your children for Lent or for bedtime stories, or just because you want a not violent, parent friendly, loving book to read to the little ones in your lives.


Our next freebie will be The Infant Conspiracy: a science fiction story that begs us to consider what might just happen if we don’t stop it before it starts-drawn from the daily news and information collected over the years this book is a bestseller for us.  From March 18 to 22, it’s free as a download on Amazon.

The Oberllyn’s just want to retire from quasi-military operations but the U.S. economy tanked, the government sells citizens who have debt into slavery and Serenity Retreat Center, is forced to become a slave labor camp; the family is forced into service to save the Center, their tribe, the United States and humanity from destruction.

So the first week a child’s book, the second one for you- remember, just go to Amazon, to J. Traveler Pelton’s page, and those books are each free on the dates I offer them above-God bless  and hope you enjoy them both-and don’t forget to drop a review on Amazon for them.  I greatly appreciate all my reviews.  Watch this website for more giveaways and offers coming up.

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