Just to Celebrate Spring Showers and Storms, a New Giveaway!

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The present generation of the Oberllyn family…

We had so many nice comments about the last giveaway, we decided to do another one and this time its on Freebooksey, so we’re hoping lots of folks will visit and get their free download!  Starting March 18, Monday, and lasting until Friday, The Infant Conspiracy, Revised, will be available on Amazon for free download to everyone,not just those on KU.

There is a sample chapter posted on our sample chapter page, but just for an intro, The Oberllyn’s just want to retire from quasi-military operations but the U.S. economy tanked, the government sells citizens who have debt into slavery and Serenity Retreat Center, is forced to become a slave labor camp; the family is drafted into service to save the Center, their tribe, the United States and humanity from destruction. Thank you so much and enjoy your journey.  What better way to spend a rainy afternoon (And locally it’s supposed to rain all week next when the giveaway is happening) than to curl up with a good book, read, drink tea and ignore the nasty as we wait for the crocuses, daffodils and such to come.  God bless and I love spring!

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