Another Freebie for Our Fans!

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Our first medieval future fantasy

Starting April one and running for five days on freebooksey and on Amazon, Clan Falconer’s War is going to be running as a free download for all those of our  fans who love medieval fantasy.  Set in the future after the Shining war threw us all back to the Middle Ages, this book takes us all back to what could be our future, a world of magik, mutations and clan wars.  It’s the first book in what will be a three book series, a trilogy.  We hope you enjoy it on those rainy spring days when you can’t be out in the garden, or whenever you like the most to read.


IN the meantime, to give you an idea, we’ve put the preface in the free chapters section of our site, so you can meet Lucan, his visions, and a little about his family.  Enjoy!

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