It’s Raining Outside!

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However, it’s been a lovely spring for the last couple days-and the crocus are just marvelous.  Our barn cat has kittened again-cute little fellas-looks like at least one long haired grey one. She has nice kittens: scrappy little guys.  And this is Tbear helping me organize some fiber for sale from our alpaca: this is the roving from one animal-it looks like lots but it weighs less than five pounds.

So while we were distracted, I suddenly remembered that this week, starting tomorrow the 8th, we have another freebie for our fans and I forgot to let you know!  This month’s freebie for our fans is a free download of our 2nd book, Terrorists, Traitors and Spies-and we’d love you to download it, read it and send us a review.  We have a goal of getting at least 10 reviews from this download-so go to Amazon, type in J. Traveler Pelton, download your copy April 8, Monday, start reading and post us a review-can’t wait to see them! And don’t forget to go to the free chapter page for a preview of the book.

Book two is in the roaring 20-50s!

And in the meantime, Tbear and I have to get the fleeces sorted for sale, and we need to move the kittens to a safer place, and I just want to take a

minute to look at the flowers-

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