Oh, the wonderful Month of May!

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May flowers make me happy!  It’s rainy out and has been for sometime, but when the clouds part a bit and allow the sun to come out-oh what a feeling of happy comes over me!

The Siamese mother, Blue, had three adorable kittens about a week ago; their eyes aren’t open yet but I’ll get you a picture as soon as I can.  Mom’s pretty protective of the little fellas.

I am very pleased at some of the questions being asked-comments are good and I will get to answer some of them today.  I just finished sending out some announcements on freebies and specials to our email subscribers, so hopefully some of you will be the recipients of those.  Saving money is always a good thing, when possible and this month we have three specials.  More on the book page about those.

I’ve been doing some pretty intensive gardening lately- putting together a side yard shade garden, getting rid of all the winter gunk, adding perennials, and a picnic table or two, so we can start holding all day retreats for friends and fans.  The first is scheduled for June, and I’ll give you all the info as soon as it’s ready.  I’d love to meet some of your there.

In the meantime, check out our other pages and we’ll keep you up on all the news.  Happy spring!

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