Remember the Week of the 17th!

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That’s the week that for 5 days only, To Protect one’s Own will be free to everyone as a download on Amazon!  Just in time for long summer afternoons in the hammock or the porch, with a tall glass of lemonade and a deep wish to be somewhere else right now-this one gets your imagination doing Cartwheels!

In this 7th book of the Oberllyn Family Chronicles,Noel, Violet, Kai, Zyanya, Gabriel, Catriona and their families attempt to appear before the Joint Congressional Committee to  testify about the damage caused by the Brotherhood.   Violet’s old nemesis Obsidian shows up and suddenly, just driving to Washington requires a military escort, while back home at the retreat center, Bravo company has gone crazy and tries to kidnap the Oberllyn children.  How do you protect  your family when the world has lost  its heart, mind and  soul?  To Protect One’s Own has all the action, political intrigue and hard science fiction her  fans have come to expect from Traveler’s tales.   And it’s free to all those who read our web page or our FB page, Traveler Pelton. And once you read it, fdon’t forget to leave a review on Amazon- it really helps us.

Our Newest Book is About a Journey

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Life is a journey: from the pictures, you’ll notice a few things: first, I love flowers and this spring we’ve had lots of them.  Also, my Siamese mothers have been prolific this spring-yes, that’s eight purebred babies to contend with-and this picture was taken three weeks ago, now they are out and playing with feet when you are trying to write.  The second picture is my library, one wall of it, finally finished-all four walls are done, but thought one wall would be enough to give you an idea.  And the trellis was built for me last week by my grandson-he knows I like roses and thought a trellis over the front gate into my flower garden would be good, so he built one.  He’s a sweet young man.  And the final picture is my latest book, just out this week.  In it, I help you find your way out of the ditch that you may have in your spiritual life.  I’m sure you’ve felt sometimes that what you want to do and what you do are at loggerheads. Instead of  praise in the morning, do you find yourself dashing out the door feeling regretful and lonely as you drive off on the daily journey of your life?  This book helps you understand how to climb out of the rut of mediocrity, how to start a habit of living in the Presence of God,  and it gives you a path, clear, simple and scientifically proven, to a closer relationship with God.   Isn’t it time you fell in love all over again?   As a Social Worker, I assist people with all sorts of problems in my practice and one of the most common is that of feeling guilty because they can’t break a bad habit.  At the same time,  in my church work, I find folks who want to develop a stronger spiritual life but can’t seem to make it stick; you know, the daily meet God in the morning worship  you minister says you need to be doing?   I went into the research out there in the scientific journals on habits and applied them in this book to the idea of improving our spiritual disciplines.  I think you’ll find it very helpful.  It’s available right now on Amazon.  God bless and have a grand almost summer!