Neww offers and Announcements for our Friends

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In August, we’re offering several specials, just for our readers and friends!  We all like to save money, so for limited amounts of time these books will be on special:  August 3-7, Dan’s book, The Majestic Spectrum of God’s love, will be offered on Amazon as a free download to everyone, not just Kindle Unlimited .

Noel and Violet finally get to retire just after the kids save the planet and leave it….

August 11,12 and 13, Kith and Kin will be just 99 cents a download.

The next generation starts working..

August 18,19 and 20, The Importance of Family Ties will be a free download-and you can enjoy this book with our compliments.  And finally, Tbears book, Rise of the Rebellion will be a 99 cent download-so there you have it, a special every week of the month, just for you!  If it has been as hot where you are as it has been in Ohio, its a good time to stay inside where the A/C can control things a little, drink cold tea and read the heat away…


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