The Mystery is Almost Solved!

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I have been crazy busy getting the last chapters done on the new mystery series while trying to keep up with the farm and the quilt and being semi-retired.  It’s a hoot.  However, the weather has been cooperating by which I mean it’s been raining cat, dogs, and little kittens so I have to stay inside and will spend more time writing.  My characters have finally decided who’s guilty-they sometimes seem to have minds of their own and wander off from me faster than I can type, but I believe they’re pretty well reined in and are settling down to guilty and innocent. I never quite know, I just design them and let them go and they settle into their tasks of telling the story we’ve shared and we reach the landing together.  I know some of you are sort of chafing at the reins, and I am going to put a sample chapter on that webpage in here to get your imaginations flowing next to mine and I hope to get the first book totally edited and then sent to press in the next two weeks and released in three, followed by the books two and three released three weeks apart.  My cover designer can only go so fast, and the editor has to have time to digest.

Thank you for all the good wishes and patience as we proceed.  I will be sending my next announcement to my email list shortly and on here, so hopefully, you won’t miss any good news.  Don’t forget to check the free chapters page and the jokes-got some goodies on there.

Did I tell you that I will be presenting a program at our public library on Indie publishing?  It’s March 14th at 2 and if you’re in Mt. Vernon or it’s surroundings drop on by.  I”ll be signing books as well.

Blessings from Potpourri publishing and Springhaven Croft! 

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