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And just for my friends, in light of the pandemic and the possibility we might all be housebound, I have some Grand news! As a surprise free gift to my readers and website folks…the newly re-edited Oberllyn’s Overland is going on as a free download for three days only, Thursday the 12, Friday the 13 and Saturday the 14th mostly because we all need stuff loaded onto our kindles and such in case we get stranded at home for two weeks and I care about you guys.  It’s exclusive to Amazon.   If you have KU, you can download for a free loan already, but Oberllyn’s Overland will be reduced to totally free for everyone else to get a keep your own copy forever download.   Nothing is more comforting than a good book, a comfy chair and a hot cup of something.  So, download your freebie Thursday, Friday or Saturday-and tell your friends so they can get their copy as well.

Oberllyn’s Overland is a historical Western/sci-fi book; historically accurate with a twist-think Wild, Wild, West and you’ll be close.  (I mean, most folks really didn’t have a Gatling gun mounted on a turret in the wagon for real, but hey, in my world, they might)-so it starts with the family’s emigration adventure to California and ends up with a bang-literally.  You’ll enjoy the whole set-so start with this one and download all the others in chronological order to see just how a family tree full of slightly eccentric characters make it from a wagon train, through the World Wars, past the apocalypse and into the future.  Happy reading, wash your hands, and hope you leave me a review an Amazon. And if you haven’t subscribed, do it now from the new landing page…


Book one of the Triple Trilogy!

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