It’s Finally Here!

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Finally, the first in the series of Fiber Maven Mysteries is published!  Available as both ebook, KU, and paperback, Quilting Can Be Criminal tells the story of a little town under siege by an elusive stalker who seems able to strike in plain sight without anyone seeing him.

Welcome to Lyonsville, a quiet place where English and Amish shops and stores draw tourists by the busload for the atmosphere, food and handmade crafts portrayed in the serene village.  The worst crime in the last twenty years was shoplifting. Growing up together, Casey and Brad just want to get married and the entire town wants to be there. However, someone from the town’s past is using quilt blocks made by a dying woman to leave a trail of clues for an escalating crime wave in the small town of Lyonsville. Starting as simple vandalism, breaking a few windows, moving on to kidnapping and murder, the local Sheriff’s department has to call in the FBI in response.  Between the feds, the approaching yearly Founder’s Day festival and increasingly dangerous crimes, will Brad be able to bring the Amish and English together to solve the puzzling quilt clues before Founder’s Day and the wedding go up in flames?

It’s a great ride for long boring afternoons.  There are three books in the series and I plan on releasing them one every three weeks: and hope it helps the long days pass to go on this journey into a friendly little town. It’s a place you’d love to go visit someday if it existed.  Hope you get your copy.

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