We Did It!

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Two mysteries published, one to go in this particular trilogy.  In spite of masks and hand sanitizer, washing hands and social distancing, missing the grandkids, and the temptation to go out and garden instead, we did it and just taking a second to pat me on the back on the way to making pancakes for Dan.  And we’ve got book three nearly done: due to publish in three weeks, so you will not have to wait long for the conclusion.  And I am starting the mutant series, have the first 30,0000 words done:  and working a  standalone non-fiction book about the current wave of fear/anger/anxiety that the pandemic among other things is causing.  I want folks to feel more comfortable within themselves and be able to hare their peace with others.  So off I go to get things accomplished-this is an office day so will be seeing clients and writing in between-blessings and peace and see you soon!

Spring Weather in Ohio and Multiple Personality Disorder

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   And while one barn cat is waiting for a good petting, the other is lurking on the rooftop wanting to jump on me as I walk by.  When I catch him at it, he acts unconcerned, like, no, ma’am, I was not just going to launch myself  at you from the garage roof and scare you out of ten years’ growth…Ah well.  I think even they’re going stir crazy from all us being home all the time. This week it has rained, snowed, sleeted, and been sunny-all on the wrong days.  The days I am ensconced in my office, it’s 72′ and sunny.  The days I am home and could actually do something outside, it has sleeted, snowed, iceballs too small to be called hail but they smart when you’re walking in from the field, windy and cold.  It may even frost tonight! And the poms ran off on their walk-it was pretty that day so I let them run in the field; they found a hole in the fence and bang-they were three houses down and had to be brought home.  In spite of the crazy, there have been accomplishments.  The second book of the Quilting mystery series ought to be out next week as long as the editor doesn’t go crazy.  The cover is neat and the action is non-stop.  You’ll find out who got murdered in the pulpit, for instance, and if Brad and Casey do make it to the wedding.  And the Mutant series is up to 20,000 words and more coming easily.  The book on Our Battle with Fear is at 10,000 words. And this weekend is Easter so there is chocolate coming which is good and just in time for us all to avoid meltdowns-and also nice is the reason for it all, our Lord’s resurrection.    I hope you are safely sheltering in place and finding time to read and get away from all the horrible news we’ve gotten this spring…from Indian reservations being absconded with, to folks dying of Covid; to investigations and arguments and who knows what all, earthquakes and storms, it’s been rough.  The boys and I planted 25 trees in the lower field-I enjoyed that.  for the most part, we have been inside.  It’s hard when we have to go into town-it’s feels almost like I’m in a communist country-shelves are bare of the oddest things-like grape soda?  And baking powder?  Anyway, take care of you and yours and I shall be announcing shortly how you can get your hands on the next book…and let it take you away. here’s the new cover: notice the dog keeps getting bigger?   Same little town, same couple and dog gets bigger…that’s why it’s a mystery.


The forge is running! So are we!

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That’s Tbear in his new forge hammering on a karambit.  The forge is made of firebrick and is for him at least, an enjoyable thing.  It’s a little noisy for the rest of us.  We’ve been busy around here-and the spring flowers are lovely.  God must love yellow-so many flowers in spring are yellow-and it’s lovely.  I’m putting the editing on the second book of the mystery series; I’ve got another spiritual book in the world-this one on fear and panic and controlling it-and I’m starting a new sci fi series.  So busy in the writing front.

Now I want to blow off a little steam here-I am trying very hard to stay within the realms of the stay at home policy-we’ve got tons to do so it isn’t really that hard but when I do go out once a week to get groceries or what-have-you, I am horrified at all the gloves, masks and litter, in general, being left in the parking lots.  Have these folks never been taught that trash cans exist for a reason?  And just who is going to clean up that mess?  The store folks are flying half staff so to speak now what with all the extra work of cleaning and sanitizing to keep us safe-they don’t need to have to police the parking area. I think folk simply need to grow up and act like adults and not three years olds dropping their pacifiers and losing them…OK< rant over.  Back to normal.  What’s your pet peeve for this time of life?

At any rate, pray for our nurses-we have three in our family and they’re in harm’s way-pray for the doctors and the medical field and all those working on this mess-and for us all that we may withstand this.

However, as one friend told me when attacked by anything,  Americans pull together and it’s my understanding that several big firms from automakers to My Pillow have retooled to make masks, gloves, and PPE for our medical folks and to all them, I say thanks.  God bless us all.  Wash your hands, stay inside and away from crowds and go read a good book.