We Did It!

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Two mysteries published, one to go in this particular trilogy.  In spite of masks and hand sanitizer, washing hands and social distancing, missing the grandkids, and the temptation to go out and garden instead, we did it and just taking a second to pat me on the back on the way to making pancakes for Dan.  And we’ve got book three nearly done: due to publish in three weeks, so you will not have to wait long for the conclusion.  And I am starting the mutant series, have the first 30,0000 words done:  and working a  standalone non-fiction book about the current wave of fear/anger/anxiety that the pandemic among other things is causing.  I want folks to feel more comfortable within themselves and be able to hare their peace with others.  So off I go to get things accomplished-this is an office day so will be seeing clients and writing in between-blessings and peace and see you soon!

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