The Mystery Series is Done!

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By this Friday, the 29th, the final book of the Fiber Havens mysteries first trilogy will be completed.  Called Criminally PIeced Together,  it completes the first three books of what is going to be a great series of cozy mysteries.  And have you noticed how Rutherford the dog just keeps getting bigger on each cover?  And I heard the words of those who don’t like a book to end in a cliffhanger: and I may just published the entire series in one book sometime in the future, not at present.  I’m already getting into the next round of odd happenings in the little town of Lyonsville…




Returning to everyday life after a honeymoon in the islands complete with a traditional Hawaiian wedding shower, lei’s and gifts can be a drag on anyone’s ideas of happily ever after endings.  Fly back home with Brad and Casey as they return to Lyonsville, a friendly, sleepy, little town with big problems. From kidnappings, murder, and what appears to be a terrorist bombing, the couple return bearing gifts that have to be security wanded, back to a town turning vigilante, with an influx of federal agents and a nervous populace. Hidden kinship ties prove generational abuse leads to twisted ideas of justice and the quilt map hanging in the Sheriff’s office has just two spots left.   The team goes back and forth trying to decide whether they have one bad guy or ten and the only thing certain is that the crooks have to be apprehended before Founder’s Day when busloads of tourists show up.  Criminally Pieced Together, the final book in this first trilogy, is romance, intrigue and mystery times three.

3 Responses to “The Mystery Series is Done!”

  1. Cindy Powell Says:

    Loved this book. Do you have the patterns for the blocks? I would love to make a quilt with vintage patterns.

  2. travelerpelton Says:

    I haven’t done that in the past as my software does not allow for that; however, all the blocks are available on a site called Quilt Blocks galore Enjoy-they have lots of gorgeous blocks for home quilters like me!

  3. travelerpelton Says: QWuiklt blocks Galore has all these blocks and literally dozens more-enjoy! Thank you for writing.