Time for June Specials! Six of them!

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It’s the start of the month and you know what that means-time to set the monthly specials for my friends!  Below are six freebies or 99 cent downloads for you-thank you for your help and reviews-they make us stronger.  Hope you all enjoy them and get ready for more to follow!

June 12 and 13 Calm Instead of Clamor will be a free download- Calm Instead of Clamor is your comforting self-help book in the Spiritual Counseling series by J. Traveler Pelton.  This book will show you a path, clear and simple, to get your anxiety under control.  Using time-proven and clinically correct exercises, Traveler leads you step by step to a quieter, more fulfilling life.  Your new life will feature less stress, more serenity and joy instead of panic, clamor and fear.  Calm Instead of Clamor is like having a comforting counselor in your home showing you the easy, proven steps to lower the fever of fear in your heart.  Her book explains some simple steps you can do now to get rid of anxiety in the privacy of your own home.  Isn’t it time you did something to help yourself find quiet in your soul and mind?  You are so worth it!  Claim your calm.

June 12 through 14, Rebooting the Oberllyn’s will be on a kindle countdown for 2 days at 99 cents and then back to the regular price.  If you enjoy action, tech, romance and speculation, then Traveler’s book Rebooting the Oberllyn’s is for you! A global genetic virus has a 100% kill rate and the Oberllyn’s have to destroy it before it wipes out civilization-then maybe Noel can retire and leave his son Kai in charge.

June 14 and 15  Quilting Can Be Criminal, our bestselling mystery, will be a free download-and it is a cliffhanger!  If you like cozy mystery, romance, exciting action, and small towns, you will love the first book in the Fiber Mavens Mysteries.

June 19 and 20 Kai Dante’s Stratagem will be a free download. If you love thrilling action, puzzles, mystery and cutting-edge tech, you are going to love the latest book in the Oberllyn Family series. Kai Dante for President, indeed! The Oberllyn’s are back, and are successful in stopping the virus that is destroying the fertility of the populace, but Sanctuary is attacked and the family members are scattered to fight radiation sickness alone. If you love thrilling action, puzzles, mystery and cutting-edge tech, you are going to love the latest book in the Oberllyn Family series. Given only a strange poem, will Kai and Micah decipher the puzzle before they all die?  Who will survive to destroy the tyrant running the Brotherhood?

June 22 to 23 Rise of the Rebellion will be 99 cents- If you love action, fantasy, and dragons, you are going to love Tbear and his grandmother Traveler’s Clan Falconer Series!  When his evil brother Isaac is released from the Eternity prison by Shadowblade, Lucan is by King and Clansman sent to  rescue  24 kidnapped clan heirs. With help from the dragon magivore Gisella, his wolfpack, his magical newborn son and the wizards of Aisenbald, can he manage to recover the children before they are sacrificed to the Myst and the Kingdom falls into Chaos?

June 28-30 Ninety Days to the God Habit will be 99 cents- If you want to learn a new path, clear, simple and scientifically proven, to a closer relationship with God, then Ninety Days to the God Habit is for you.  Isn’t it time to break your destructive, mediocre, boring, existence and get a new life going that works? Isn’t it time you fell in love all over again?  You so deserve the comfort in this book!



There you have it-six specials, all for you!  Don’t forget to share our website with your friends.

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