August Already!

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Dan, in the first picture holding one of our cria, got stung by ten hornets and went to the urgent care, who sent him to the ER, who sent him to his own doctor-and everyone did EKG’s and everyone agreed there’s a problem, so he’s in for more tests.  The alpaca, as you’ve seen, had cria, and the mother poms had six puppies-I’ve got picturers of two here-cute little guys and all have gotten new homes.  The new normal is wearing a mask, so I wear one but not entirely sure I don’t look like a bank robber in my mask…and finally, we got another book published this month.  The Past Generations of the Oberllyn’s are now together and can be read as one long, (I mean almost 800 pages!) long story-which most are finding a great thing.

Later this month we’ll be publishing the newest mystery.  You can order the newest book on Amazon as either a paperback or e-book.  And you stay safe, wear your masks, stay out of crowds and do everything you can do to help each other.  This pandemic has got to stop sometime, and the help we’ve done other’s they’ll remember.  God bless!


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