Free books for you from some of my newest friends!

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Just go to:



or see them all at


Go click and enjoy the freebies from my friends!

I Love October!

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Happy October!

Not only was I born in this month, but many of my favorite things occur in October-like pretty leaves, harvest, and special sales just to celebrate my birthday.

I have finally got all the specials set up for you, my faithful friends, and wanted you to know about them before they occurred so you don’t miss out on anything!  Remember you hear it first here in my email blasts out-so don’t forget to open them and make your choices for these lovely fall days: we may be inside a lot, but this way, your mind is wandering into new territory that might be more interesting…


October 1,2,3,4 the 11,12 as well (in case you totally forget the first week of October.  Criminally Crocheted ,our newest mystery is finally going to be a freebie-Criminally Crocheted continues the story of Brad, Casey and the little town of Lyonsville.


October 7,8 and 9, Rise of the Rebellion is going to be 99 cents: it goes up to 1.99 at noon the 9th, and back to it’s regular price after that.


October 15 and 16, Ninety Days to the God Habit is free.



October 18 Calm Instead of Clamor is 99 cents, the 19th it’s 1.99.  The sooner you download, the less you spend. (Don’t you love sales?)


October 22 and 23, His Path is Mine, is free on Amazon.


And finally, our best seller, The Oberllyn’s Overland, is 99 cents the 25th and 26th; it’s 1.99 27th and 28th.


Just go to my author Central page on Amazon  to find your next book!


Enjoy, dear friends, enjoy!  And have a great October!


September is Here! And so is Fall!

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It is gorgeous right now on the farm; leaves turning, garden harvest pretty well finished, cutting back the flowers and putting the gardens to bed, while settling in for the fall storms and rains.  I hope wherever you are, things are going well.

Won’t you all be glad when the election is over?  The ads are terrible-so much hate. I’d just like an honest appraisal of each person’s abilities and what they bring to the table-not a bunch of smear ads that are half the time exaggerations.  There, my word and the last I hope on that stuff…And maybe, just maybe, the COVID virus goes dormant?  I am thoroughly tired of masks-can’t send folks smiles or see if they’re hurting and needing to be cheered up when they’re so covered up and have shields and such.  It’s isolating.  Do I sound grumpy?  Sorry, don’t mean to, just it’s too pretty a day out and I think I’ll head out to garden.  But I am adding a couple new jokes first…and mentioning the specials.


This month, as I may have posted before, The Oberllyn’s Past Omnibus is 99cents September 15-19.  to get your copy at a $5 savings for those four days…

The second mystery in the fiber Mavens series is 99 cents September 24-29-a savings of $2 for you.

Don’t you just love sales? 


And if you should want to be a beta reader for the next new series coming out in a month, please send me an email now at


and ask for what I look for in beta reader-the slots are filling up fast-Betas get free books, other freebies(I sent out gift cards to every third one last month) all in exchange for an honest read through, suggestions on anything you find incorrect before it goes to print and a review.  The new series, a trilogy at this point, is a mystery/romance.scifi adventure-it’s rollicking fun.


It’s an excellent time to fill up your e-reader or KIndle full for the rainy season…

And speaking of free books, right now, this minute, you can go to

where a bunch of my Christian fiction friends has each downloaded a freebie book on special for you to download, write reviews and have for your very own…

September 28th, go to

and download free cozy mysteries from myself and a bunch of my friends….


And finally, I have a request: if you don’t really want to sign up for freebies and such, or to get my newsletter, announcements, please don’t just fill out the contact form with a fake email.  I’ve had several of those lately (Some don’t try very hard to look fake, like–honesly.) I have an email cleaner that I run everything through but it’s simply, I don’t know, I guess its the grandma in me rearing up and fussing.  I love you all but I’d like to think we were all better than to waste each other’s time.


God bless and enjoy the fall!