Gentle reminders on a cold day and some musings

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It’s overcast and the temperature is dropping, the wind is gusting about and leaves are flying off the trees, which is too bad because yesterday they looked wonderful.  However, it’s just the kind of day you might want to sit inside and browse around a bit, relax and read something silly-(see our humor page, just updated) or download a free book- for instance, Ninety Days to the God Habit is free today and tomorrow….you really ought to get a copy and learn how to make or break a habit.  Since some of us are sequestered at home due to this Covid mess, I guess after you’ve done something for exercise, walked around or straightened your home, or rode a bike or whatever, and there is time, a good book is just the thing.

I’m hard at work completing the Christmas book for this year, all about the customs and traditions around the world, divided into 26 reading, one for each day of Advent.  It should be out the beginning of November.  And the new devotional about James is coming out in two weeks-it’s at the editor right now.  So lots going on, lots to do.


I just got a new cuckoo clock-it cuckoos on the hour and a half, it plays music, a little man chops wood, a chimney sweep jumps up and down-it’s darling, and loud and my parrot hates it and has started imitating it’s more irritating (to GIzmo) sounds. So while I may hear the cuckoo at 8:15 strike 14 times, it’s Gizmo.

I am thankful for the folks who were able to give the kittens a home. Seems like folks are forever dropping cats over our chain link fence who are in a motherly way.  Or the cats just find their way to the barn, and there are only so many you can have!  Cute little ones this time,  long-haired and friendly, and will make their new owners happy.

And finally, I don’t care who you vote for, there’s enough vitriol out there to start a hate crime, far as I’m concerned.  But you need to vote, go early if you want to avoid the crowds.  Think carefully about who is going to do the best job for this dear country of ours and vote your heart.  I’m going to be a poll worker this year; it ought to be interesting.  God bless you and God bless America.


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