The Final OmniBus is out!

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The last three books of the Oberllyn Generations-these are 7,8 and 9, 3 books in one, saving you a bunch of money and enabling you to read straight through-really, it’s going to keep you up way too late tonight- is out and available as a paperback or ebook on Amazon. Just go to

to pick up your copy.  It’s a page-turner and I had a lovely romp writing it and getting it ready for you-although I did drive my editor almost to distraction.

A global genetic virus has a 100% kill rate; the Oberllyn’s need to destroy it before it wipes out civilization; then maybe Noel can retire and Kai can take over the family research clan while Alex and Micah head for the stars.


Now, in case you missed it, we had snow-I mean tons of it, 10 inches or so, over the next few days; long enough to get this book published, and another book is coming out next week for Lent-can you believe it’s almost lent already?  And next month the next cozy mystery comes out and a new series starts-just percolating around here at Potpourri PUblishing-and did I tell you Bambi’s puppies now have their eyes open.  Darling little things.  And Dan and I made 25 drop spindles.  Anyway, pick up your book, have a grand time, and remember to allow time to sleep-life goes on even if you have a great book to keep you occupied.  Blessings, all-don’t forget to leave a review.


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