Can you imagine Ohio weather?

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I am totally freaky about our weather.

Last week, it snowed.  Now it’s gloomy and raining fit to bust-but the flowers are all back.  It doesn’t prevent me from writing here in my cozy office, looking out the window and imagining wonderful, dry, sunny paces to send my characters to today…

I hope most of you are having calmer times with spring.  At any rate, there are kittens in the barn, the canaries are on nests-5 of them and one has already fledged out 3 new canaries for the aviary.  The alpaca won’t create (give birth) for another 6 weeks.  From where I sit in my library office, I can look out the window at the rain, and see everyone else seems asleep to wait it out. I am, however chugging on a goal of another 5000 words on my latest mystery.  All I’ll say is it takes place in a zoo.  You will recognize many of the characters.  And I do hope you’ve been enjoying the new Mutant series.  Two beta readers sent me too late that they’d found some spelling errors so I took it down, corrected them, and set it back up all in one day-thank you Alicia and Sam!   Your autographed book for helping keep our books as close to error-free as is humanely possible is on its way.   I could use some more beta readers, so if you are interested, email me.  And if you are actively reading one of my books, don’t forget to leave a review on amazon.

And I am headed for the greenhouse for some flowers to add to the flower boxes.  Have a grand and happy and peaceful day!  Come back soon-oh, and I updated the jokes page-Something funny this way goes.  Blessings to all.


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