The Mutants Have Arrived at Last!

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It has been a lovely very warm spring day, we turned the hay we cut yesterday, we finished planting the vegetable garden, and (short drum roll) our book came out the afternoon!

The third book of the Mutant FellowShip has officially launched into the ether and is waiting for you at Amazon.

Deep inside an ancient sealed cavern, the Mutant FellowShip holds their annual tribal meeting while outside, the Center convinces the U.S. government to make the mutants slaves in the battle to repair the planet.  The Center is still trying to locate the lost wombs and reclaim their property; the women and their children are trying to absorb their new culture and the Ice Age gets closer with each political gambit that slows the reclamation of the earth. Love blossoms in the safety of Sanctuary, but will hate and greed destroy the world they knew outside?  If you like action, thrills, sci-fi, and really wicked bad guys, you need this book!

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