What a time we had!

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The last two weeks we went traveling-sometimes you just have to go in order to keep your brain in gear.  We went first to Niagara falls, then to Plymouth rock and the Founder’s monument in Massachusetts; then Maine.  We visited Baxter State Park, then Mt. Katahdin(Where we saw a moose!) and I got to start the hike on the Appalachian Trail- so five miles out of the 2190 miles of trail-but I am no longer a spring chicken, and it seemed good to me.  It was a lot rockier than I thought it was going to be.  I had no idea moose were so big-I mean you read about them and the ones at the zoo are always a ways back in the pen: being within twenty feet of one in the wild is an awesome experience.

Baxter State Park also has a set of Niagara Falls-since the Niagara Indians lived there at one time-they have big Niagara Falls and Little Niagara falls.  We also visited the International Museum for the Study of Cryptozoology-and I finally got to stand next to Bigfoot.  The rest of the museum was about as enlightening, but the grandchildren liked it.

On the way home we ran into a snag in that our reservations somehow didn’t emerge and we couldn’t find a hotel, so Dan and I took turns and drove 20 hours in a spurt to get home.  I have not been that tired in a long time but it’s all in the name of adventure, Right?

And expect the moose to show up in a future book, and expect the falls to show as well-they were all gorgeous.  I hope you enjoy the pics attached.

The little guy met us as we arrived at Heritage house to stay: he’s the resident-lives-by-the-porch vole.  His name is Vern.

And one more thing: early next week, we have a new book coming out-a a cozy mystery call Ascot and the Stolen Shrubs-you are going to love the feisty little hero of the story.  Fern Valley, a few miles down the road from Lyonsville, is a quiet little town, the kind of place you’d like to visit or retire to someday.  Every yard had flower beds, and the annual Gardening Festival competition and Home Tour drew crowds from miles away.  Ascot and his friends at the Sinclair Dog Rescue live a serene life next door to Lillian’s Cattery, and they’d formed a truce. When someone starts stealing flower bushes, Ascot and his friends stage nighttime forays while their masters search for clues in the daytime. Who will find what was hidden under all those bushes first, the professional detectives or a pack of lonely pets?

I’ll put a picture of the cover on in my next tome.  This is the first of a series called the Fern Valley Fur Family.  Hope you love dogs and critters as much as I do!

To keep up with our books, go to my author’s page at Amazon:  just type in the name, J. Traveler Pelton , pull up any of my books, and on the left-hand side, click on my author page.

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