The Cover is Here!

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I just had to share the cover of our latest book to be- just to give you an idea of what’s coming in just a couple of weeks; you are going to love this book!  Final editing is happening right now: that’s expected to be finished tomorrow: then we go to publish.

Ascot and the Stolen Shrubs: Book One of the Fern Valley Fur Family Mysteries by J. Traveler Pelton

Fern Valley, a few miles down the road from Lyonsville, is a quiet little town, the kind of place you’d like to visit or retire to someday.  Every yard had flower beds, and the annual Gardening Festival competition and Home Tour draws crowds from miles away.  Ascot and his friends at the Sinclair Dog Rescue live a serene life next door to Lillian’s Cattery, and the dog pack and cat clowder formed a truce. When someone starts stealing flower bushes, Ascot and his friends stage nighttime forays while their masters search for clues in the daytime. Who will find what was hidden under all those bushes first, the professional detectives or a pack of lonely pets?   I just know you are going to love it!  Expect the publication date to be within 1 week, the week of July 28.


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