Let’s Add Some Zip to Your Summer Budget!

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Just dropping by because I just wanted to let you know about all of the specials for August-it’s just a few days away- and I don’t want you to miss the freebies and sales!  I also want to thank all of you for being faithful readers of our books.  I love hearing from you and hope my little note here finds you all well.  Now on to the specials for this August:

Our newest book, Ascot and the Stolen Shrubs, a cozy mystery, will be an absolutely free download August 1, 2, 3, and 4th-get your copy today and enjoy the antics of this little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as he goes sleuthing with his pack from the Sinclair animal rescue. Fern Valley, a few miles down the road from Lyonsville, is a quiet little town, the kind of place you’d like to visit or retire to someday.  Every yard had flower gardens along Main Street and the annual Gardening Festival competition and Home Tour drew crowds from miles away.  Ascot and his pack at the Sinclair Dog Rescue live a serene life next door to Lillian’s Cattery, and they’d formed a truce. When someone starts stealing flower bushes, Ascot and his friends stage nighttime forays while their masters search for clues in the daytime. Who will find what was hidden under all those bushes first, the professional detectives or a pack of lonely pets?

Remember, first 4 days of August-totally free, the newest book in our cozy mystery series, just published July 28.  JUst go to the link below the picture to get the download.


Getting down to more serious subjects, two weeks later, Ninety Days to the God Habit is a free download for you just on the 16th and 17th-so you will need to hurry and remember to download a copy for yourself at no cost.

It’s time to break your destructive routine and get a new one going that works.  Combining sound psychological principles with spiritual laws, this book helps you understand how to climb out of the rut of mediocrity and failure: you can recover your faith, repair your courage, break your chains. Isn’t it time you fell in love again with yourself and Him? Again, just go to the link below the picture to order your free copy-just for my fans!


August 25,26, and 27, The Oberllyn Omnibus, volume 3 will cost just 1.99 as a download on Amazon.  It normally costs $6.99, so you save $5.00 and will enjoy all three of the final books in the Oberllyn series, To Protect One’s Own, The Importance of Family Ties and Kith and Kin Together Again.  This book will keep you spellbound as the Oberllyn Think Tank tries to survive personal attack, save us from ecological disaster, and remain true to each other.


And finally, August 29,30,31, Sept 1,2 and 3, Our newest sci-fi book, Accidental Anomalies, is on a Kindle Countdown, meaning that for the first 60 hours, it’s just 99 cents, for the next 60 it’s 1.99 and then it jumps back to the normal price of $3.49 as an Amazon download.  Best download it Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday and save the most money!


God bless and enjoy.  Hope you are having a great summer.

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