Brand new babies on the Croft!

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While I was gone on a trip to California, two new cria were born at the farm: meet Cinnamon and Stormy. Don’t you love their big brown eyes? And as soon as I got back, my little pom Bambi had two puppies-not named yet, just sweet little things.  I know it isn’t spring, but this fall seems to be really fertile this year!

As far as writing, I  will be releasing a new book for you to read your kids called Kids Grew in My Garden: or to read yourself shortly, aiming for Labor Day weekend.  The stories are all true, happened when I was raising kids myself, and even if you haven’t got children, you’ll enjoy the short tales.  They take about 3 to 5 minutes to read out loud.  All the research I have read says that kids who have an adult read to them grow up into better readers themselves, have an easier time in school, and bond closer to their caregiver; so I hope this book helps you do all that.  And for now, I need to run make supper for Danny, pick some tomatoes for homemade sauce, and enjoy being home from the trip to the ocean-I’ll need to tell you all about that-including the wildfire, the landslide, and the giant sundial-next time.  God bless!

As always, my author’s page at Amazon remains and I hope you visit us there to see all our books!


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