T Bear Pelton is a self-proclaimed gamer, a storyteller, blacksmith, and a lover of cats. He lives with his grandparents, his Amazon parrot, and four Siamese on a small alpaca farm while working full time, dreaming of times when magic still existed and wishes sometimes actually came true…enjoy this fantasy with him and for just a little while, suspend daily life for a dream of dragons and wizards, beautiful ladies and knights, magic and faith. He invites you to travel then with us to another time, another place, and another dimension.


The Chronicles of Clan Falconer

Seven brothers, one clan, science, and magic joined; who will become the laird of Clan Falconer?


Clan Falconer’s War  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GSQCJMY

If you like fantasy, magic, romance, knights and wizards, beastmasters, and dragons, you are going to love this book from the Clan Falconer Series!  Seven brothers, one clan, science, and magic joined; who will become the laird of Clan Falconer?


Rise of the Rebellion  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H46YWBX

If you love action, fantasy, castles, dragons, and romance, you are going to love Tbear and his grandmother Traveler’s Clan Falconer Series! When his evil brother Isaac is released from the Eternity prison by Shadowblade, Lucan is by King and Clansman sent to rescue 24 kidnapped clan heirs. With help from the dragon magivore Gisella, his wolfpack, his magical newborn son, and the wizards of Aisenbald, can he manage to recover the children before they are sacrificed to the Myst and the Kingdom falls into Chaos?


Changeling’s Clan    https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07VPXRGY3

Lucan has discovered he is not a purebred laird; his mother was a changeling, a substitute for a baby lost to illness, adopted in by her clan and married to his father years ago to solidify a peace treaty. Lucan discovers he carries the gene for magik, and that his animal speech is only one of his gifts. When the King calls Lucan and his clan to rescue the five Kingdoms,  weddings and love must be set aside as the pack and family rallies to destroy those who would destroy the land.


Forged in Water and Fire  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0815SK4MX

An ancient evil, leftover from the Great War, threatens the United Kingdoms.  Francis and Eliza are trying to get married, David and Nightsong are having a baby and the dragons are forming unlikely alliances. New bonds are formed, old rivalries simmer as dragon and clansmen alike work to survive in a new world forged of water and fire…and love.





Our Colleague Who loves practicality…

Fawn Spencer lives with her husband and assorted pets in a small home in small-town Ohio. She and her husband are book crazy, and their house is full of books. There are books in every room, and we modified the garage into a library to make room in the house for actually living. She also likse to make things; the parts of the house that aren’t full of books have supplies for creating things (and her husband’s hobbies of fishing and camping). It probably isn’t too much of a surprise that she decided to try to make books – and found out that it’s pretty fun too. She’s got advanced degrees in counseling and theology, and years of practice helping people in various ways, so her books also focus on being practical, clear, and helpful.


Sewing on a Budget B07HB7J6Y8  (Budget-friendly book 1)

Have you ever admired a finished quilt or a handmade garment or handcrafts shown at the fair and thought, “I want to try that!”? You get enthusiastic, you go into the craft store, look at the prices on the sewing machines, fabric, notions, and think, “Oh, I guess not,” and left feeling disappointed.
You don’t need to abandon your hopes of creating lovely gifts or clothes. It is possible to do a lot of kinds of sewing without ruining you

r budget. It can even be a money-saver.
This book will guide you in knowing how sewing can be useful to you in your life, what the minimum supplies are that you need, what tools and supplies are also useful to have, and where to find these things reasonably priced. Join me on an adventure in creativity on a budget.

Vegetarian Cooking on a Budget: Delicious, (mostly) healthy, and affordable (Budget-Friendly Living Book 2)   B07QDH84SB


Have you ever looked through your cupboards of ready-to-cook mixes and wanted to get started making more real food, but not been sure where to start? Have you leafed through vegetarian cookbooks, and decided it looked too complicated, or odd, or not like foods you’d really eat? Or just that a lot of the ingredients look strange, exotic, or costly? Do you like home-cooked meals but thought it took too much work, time, or money to do it for yourself? Cooking for yourself is not difficult, and doesn’t have to take a lot of time. In this book you’ll get:
-Simple tips for eating more healthfully.-Easy recipes that you can use as a basis for home cooking.
-Unusual recipes from my family recipe boxes.
-Tips and ideas after many of the recipes, giving you ideas of how to make variations and start experimenting.
-Guidelines for choosing tools and utensils that are necessary and helpful, and which ones just are not that useful, so you can save money and space.
-Lists for keeping a well-stocked pantry, so you always have options for your meals.
-Basics of seasoning and making flavorful dishes, explanation of what to keep in your spice shelf.
-Hints about how to keep your food budget under control.
Whether you are just starting out or you already have a bookcase of cookbooks and a well-stocked kitchen, this book will be useful to you. From a wide variety of recipes, to discussion of basic ingredients to keep stocked and what tools you need, this book outlines how to set up your kitchen for better living, health, and convenience. Delicious, nutritious, easy, cheap – these are my go-to recipes, some passed down for three generations, and some I’ve just found myself making over and over. Vegetarian Cooking on a Budget is a great addition to your kitchen!




Our friendly family not so amateur and all-out Bible student and lover of alpaca

Dan Pelton was born in Vermont in the last century and has spent a lifetime studying God, machines, and nature. He is a genetically wired, rather broadly interdisciplinary technician the sort who assemble the designs and are crucial in testing and troubleshooting to bring an engineer’s dream to reality.  He tends to discover questions and deliberately gnaw on them toward satisfying answers. This has served him well for 40+ years of service in equipment repair, research, and development.  Married to J. Traveler Pelton, parent of six, grandfather of eight, retired to hard labor rehabbing an old farmhouse, he lives on a mini-farm with alpaca’s, inventions, barn cats and is pastor of a home church.  While he mucks barns, he wrestles with turning theology into a form that is palatable, sensible, and true.



The Majestic Spectrum of God’s love     https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07R1GHPKG   

Have you wanted to understand what the Bible is about but felt a little too intimidated to ask someone?   Without all the jargon and hype, Pastor Dan helps you to discover the Son in the constellation of concepts about God and to feel more secure in your faith. This book will help you understand the prime reason God loves you personally.