Free books for you from some of my newest friends!

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Just go to:



or see them all at


Go click and enjoy the freebies from my friends!

I Love October!

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Happy October!

Not only was I born in this month, but many of my favorite things occur in October-like pretty leaves, harvest, and special sales just to celebrate my birthday.

I have finally got all the specials set up for you, my faithful friends, and wanted you to know about them before they occurred so you don’t miss out on anything!  Remember you hear it first here in my email blasts out-so don’t forget to open them and make your choices for these lovely fall days: we may be inside a lot, but this way, your mind is wandering into new territory that might be more interesting…


October 1,2,3,4 the 11,12 as well (in case you totally forget the first week of October.  Criminally Crocheted ,our newest mystery is finally going to be a freebie-Criminally Crocheted continues the story of Brad, Casey and the little town of Lyonsville.


October 7,8 and 9, Rise of the Rebellion is going to be 99 cents: it goes up to 1.99 at noon the 9th, and back to it’s regular price after that.


October 15 and 16, Ninety Days to the God Habit is free.



October 18 Calm Instead of Clamor is 99 cents, the 19th it’s 1.99.  The sooner you download, the less you spend. (Don’t you love sales?)


October 22 and 23, His Path is Mine, is free on Amazon.


And finally, our best seller, The Oberllyn’s Overland, is 99 cents the 25th and 26th; it’s 1.99 27th and 28th.


Just go to my author Central page on Amazon  to find your next book!


Enjoy, dear friends, enjoy!  And have a great October!


September is Here! And so is Fall!

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It is gorgeous right now on the farm; leaves turning, garden harvest pretty well finished, cutting back the flowers and putting the gardens to bed, while settling in for the fall storms and rains.  I hope wherever you are, things are going well.

Won’t you all be glad when the election is over?  The ads are terrible-so much hate. I’d just like an honest appraisal of each person’s abilities and what they bring to the table-not a bunch of smear ads that are half the time exaggerations.  There, my word and the last I hope on that stuff…And maybe, just maybe, the COVID virus goes dormant?  I am thoroughly tired of masks-can’t send folks smiles or see if they’re hurting and needing to be cheered up when they’re so covered up and have shields and such.  It’s isolating.  Do I sound grumpy?  Sorry, don’t mean to, just it’s too pretty a day out and I think I’ll head out to garden.  But I am adding a couple new jokes first…and mentioning the specials.


This month, as I may have posted before, The Oberllyn’s Past Omnibus is 99cents September 15-19.  to get your copy at a $5 savings for those four days…

The second mystery in the fiber Mavens series is 99 cents September 24-29-a savings of $2 for you.

Don’t you just love sales? 


And if you should want to be a beta reader for the next new series coming out in a month, please send me an email now at


and ask for what I look for in beta reader-the slots are filling up fast-Betas get free books, other freebies(I sent out gift cards to every third one last month) all in exchange for an honest read through, suggestions on anything you find incorrect before it goes to print and a review.  The new series, a trilogy at this point, is a mystery/romance.scifi adventure-it’s rollicking fun.


It’s an excellent time to fill up your e-reader or KIndle full for the rainy season…

And speaking of free books, right now, this minute, you can go to

where a bunch of my Christian fiction friends has each downloaded a freebie book on special for you to download, write reviews and have for your very own…

September 28th, go to

and download free cozy mysteries from myself and a bunch of my friends….


And finally, I have a request: if you don’t really want to sign up for freebies and such, or to get my newsletter, announcements, please don’t just fill out the contact form with a fake email.  I’ve had several of those lately (Some don’t try very hard to look fake, like–honesly.) I have an email cleaner that I run everything through but it’s simply, I don’t know, I guess its the grandma in me rearing up and fussing.  I love you all but I’d like to think we were all better than to waste each other’s time.


God bless and enjoy the fall!

September isn’t far away!

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And it’s time (drum roll)

for announcements and specials!


First, our newest book will be out Sunday in paperback and next week, Sept 6 in paperback.  Before that time, if you’re a beta reader or want to be, be sure to get in touch by Sunday the 30th so I can send you a copy to read and review.  The name is Criminally Crocheted : and it’s number four in the series and for those who are wondering, it’s self-contained-you do get closure before the end of the book, there is a background lead -into the next books.

If you love cozy mysteries, crazy clues and happy endings (with just a hint of intrigue), you are going to love book four in the series the Fiber Mavens Mysteries.  Welcome to Lyonsville, a serene village where English and Amish shops draw tourists by the busload for the atmosphere, food, and handmade crafts.  Brad’s been promoted, Casey is expecting, and the Yarn Sisters are yarn-bombing the town.  The new pastor’s little boys have a tendency to go streaking.  When the yarn-bombing gets out of hand and half the Yarn sisters go missing, Casey and Brad have to find the culprit before someone gets hurt or she has this baby in the squad car. You are going to enjoy book four.


The specials so far this month and I do reserve the right to add more of them-love doing specials for my fans-are three (well, five actually)so far.

Ninety days to the God Habit is free September 4,5,6 as a download from Amazon.


The brand new Oberllyn Omnibus, book 1, while normally 6.99 as a download, is 99 cents September 15 through 21.  Enjoy!  It’s a huge savings-these are all three of the Past Generations books together in one fat volume-you’re going to love going from one to the other.  The new one is coming out next month, so need to get through this one so you have the entire backstory….

And since those of you who are on my email newsletter/webpage list have asked, book one of the Cozy mystery series, Quilting Can be Criminal is a free download only if you have the link to get it, which I am sharing now!

And while you’re on that link,noticve some of my frineds are sharing their books as well!  Free is good for all!

And, finally to  keep you really busy, Crimially Quilted is a 99 cent download September 24 through 29.

So between my books and my friends books, and by the way, here’s another link to more friends freebies-as if you didn’t have enough to read with these!


Blessings, peace, stay safe and happy fall reading!


August Already!

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Dan, in the first picture holding one of our cria, got stung by ten hornets and went to the urgent care, who sent him to the ER, who sent him to his own doctor-and everyone did EKG’s and everyone agreed there’s a problem, so he’s in for more tests.  The alpaca, as you’ve seen, had cria, and the mother poms had six puppies-I’ve got picturers of two here-cute little guys and all have gotten new homes.  The new normal is wearing a mask, so I wear one but not entirely sure I don’t look like a bank robber in my mask…and finally, we got another book published this month.  The Past Generations of the Oberllyn’s are now together and can be read as one long, (I mean almost 800 pages!) long story-which most are finding a great thing.

Later this month we’ll be publishing the newest mystery.  You can order the newest book on Amazon as either a paperback or e-book.  And you stay safe, wear your masks, stay out of crowds and do everything you can do to help each other.  This pandemic has got to stop sometime, and the help we’ve done other’s they’ll remember.  God bless!


Your July Specials!

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The Almanac and the long-term weather channel data tells me that July is going to be hot and humid, just the kind of weather to be indoors by the A/C with a glass of cold lemonade or sweet tea and a good book.  To help you do that less expensively (frugal is good!)  I’ve set up the following specials just for you!  I’ve got something going for every week of the month! (And for my homeschooling friends, all my books are family friendly-I get letters from moms giving them to their kids.)


1st week : Saturday July 4 until July 6th– the second book of the Fiber Mavens, Criminally Quilted, is a free Amazon download- just go to     to claim yours!


2nd week: July 10, Friday, Forged in Water and Fire will be 99c until noon the next day


3rd week:  Sunday the 12 and Monday the 13th Calm Instead of Clamor  will be a free as a download on Amazon


And for the fun of it because it’s supposed to storm that week, July 16 and 17 Thursday and Friday, Terrorists Traitors and Spies     will be 99 cents!


4th week, Sunday July 19 through Monday July 20,  Calming My Clamor  B088T6T7Q5   is 99 cents.


And the end of that week July 23 through 25, Kith and Kin Together Again   is absolutely free  as an Amazon download


And last but not least  Sunday July 26 to the 27th, our bestselling Oberllyn’s Overland  will be 99 cents.


There you have it for this month!  3 free books and 4 books at 99 cents!  I have done my best to make this a great month of reading for you-God bless from us here at Springhaven Croft!


Summer’s here!

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Good Morning!  Isn’t it a lovely day! And we are so busy here at Springhaven!


The momma dogs both had puppies-sweet little tiny things they are and we will need to think up names for them-all six of them!   Molly the alpaca had her cria, and he is just as fluffy and springy as any young camelid ought to be in the warm weather.  The flower beds are nearly all weeded through once; and I have almost got the raised herb beds ready to plant. Being in the country, we don’t have the havoc going on that the cities do, and it’s many an evening as we watch the news that I am glad it’s many miles away.  I feel badly for all those caught up in it all, and sad that it takes something like this for us to remember to accept each other.  The latest news today on Covid isn’t very good either, which simply means I have more time to work on my books and my gardens because I for sure and certain am not going out anywhere I could be exposed. I’ve nearly completed the editing on the first Mutations book, and I am almost done with the next mystery book in the Fiber Mavens series, and am getting ready to get the Christmas book stared-so watch for announcements-shortly, we’ll be telling you about July’s specials-and since it’s going to be hot and humid outside here,  why not grad a good book a tall glass of lemonade and escape to the world of imagination for awhile?

Time for June Specials! Six of them!

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It’s the start of the month and you know what that means-time to set the monthly specials for my friends!  Below are six freebies or 99 cent downloads for you-thank you for your help and reviews-they make us stronger.  Hope you all enjoy them and get ready for more to follow!

June 12 and 13 Calm Instead of Clamor will be a free download- Calm Instead of Clamor is your comforting self-help book in the Spiritual Counseling series by J. Traveler Pelton.  This book will show you a path, clear and simple, to get your anxiety under control.  Using time-proven and clinically correct exercises, Traveler leads you step by step to a quieter, more fulfilling life.  Your new life will feature less stress, more serenity and joy instead of panic, clamor and fear.  Calm Instead of Clamor is like having a comforting counselor in your home showing you the easy, proven steps to lower the fever of fear in your heart.  Her book explains some simple steps you can do now to get rid of anxiety in the privacy of your own home.  Isn’t it time you did something to help yourself find quiet in your soul and mind?  You are so worth it!  Claim your calm.

June 12 through 14, Rebooting the Oberllyn’s will be on a kindle countdown for 2 days at 99 cents and then back to the regular price.  If you enjoy action, tech, romance and speculation, then Traveler’s book Rebooting the Oberllyn’s is for you! A global genetic virus has a 100% kill rate and the Oberllyn’s have to destroy it before it wipes out civilization-then maybe Noel can retire and leave his son Kai in charge.

June 14 and 15  Quilting Can Be Criminal, our bestselling mystery, will be a free download-and it is a cliffhanger!  If you like cozy mystery, romance, exciting action, and small towns, you will love the first book in the Fiber Mavens Mysteries.

June 19 and 20 Kai Dante’s Stratagem will be a free download. If you love thrilling action, puzzles, mystery and cutting-edge tech, you are going to love the latest book in the Oberllyn Family series. Kai Dante for President, indeed! The Oberllyn’s are back, and are successful in stopping the virus that is destroying the fertility of the populace, but Sanctuary is attacked and the family members are scattered to fight radiation sickness alone. If you love thrilling action, puzzles, mystery and cutting-edge tech, you are going to love the latest book in the Oberllyn Family series. Given only a strange poem, will Kai and Micah decipher the puzzle before they all die?  Who will survive to destroy the tyrant running the Brotherhood?

June 22 to 23 Rise of the Rebellion will be 99 cents- If you love action, fantasy, and dragons, you are going to love Tbear and his grandmother Traveler’s Clan Falconer Series!  When his evil brother Isaac is released from the Eternity prison by Shadowblade, Lucan is by King and Clansman sent to  rescue  24 kidnapped clan heirs. With help from the dragon magivore Gisella, his wolfpack, his magical newborn son and the wizards of Aisenbald, can he manage to recover the children before they are sacrificed to the Myst and the Kingdom falls into Chaos?

June 28-30 Ninety Days to the God Habit will be 99 cents- If you want to learn a new path, clear, simple and scientifically proven, to a closer relationship with God, then Ninety Days to the God Habit is for you.  Isn’t it time to break your destructive, mediocre, boring, existence and get a new life going that works? Isn’t it time you fell in love all over again?  You so deserve the comfort in this book!



There you have it-six specials, all for you!  Don’t forget to share our website with your friends.

The Mystery Series is Done!

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By this Friday, the 29th, the final book of the Fiber Havens mysteries first trilogy will be completed.  Called Criminally PIeced Together,  it completes the first three books of what is going to be a great series of cozy mysteries.  And have you noticed how Rutherford the dog just keeps getting bigger on each cover?  And I heard the words of those who don’t like a book to end in a cliffhanger: and I may just published the entire series in one book sometime in the future, not at present.  I’m already getting into the next round of odd happenings in the little town of Lyonsville…




Returning to everyday life after a honeymoon in the islands complete with a traditional Hawaiian wedding shower, lei’s and gifts can be a drag on anyone’s ideas of happily ever after endings.  Fly back home with Brad and Casey as they return to Lyonsville, a friendly, sleepy, little town with big problems. From kidnappings, murder, and what appears to be a terrorist bombing, the couple return bearing gifts that have to be security wanded, back to a town turning vigilante, with an influx of federal agents and a nervous populace. Hidden kinship ties prove generational abuse leads to twisted ideas of justice and the quilt map hanging in the Sheriff’s office has just two spots left.   The team goes back and forth trying to decide whether they have one bad guy or ten and the only thing certain is that the crooks have to be apprehended before Founder’s Day when busloads of tourists show up.  Criminally Pieced Together, the final book in this first trilogy, is romance, intrigue and mystery times three.

Updates on freebies and specials for May!

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Yes, you know we love you, so besides adding jokes to this difficult time so you can smile just a little, we decided on the following specials for you…

May 5,6 and 7, my cozy mystery Quilting Can Be Criminal is going to be a free download for all on Amazon, whether or not you have KU. Just go and read it and have a good time! Drop me a review, if you would be so kind.

May 8,9 and 10, His Path Is Mine will be free to download: an introspective and gentle devotional for folks to enjoy.

May 9,10,11, Clan Falconer’s War is going to be 99 cents for all those who like fantasy epics.

May 14 and 15, To Protect Our Own is going to be 99 cents, a really good science fiction read.

May 20,21 and 22, Ninety Days to the God Habit will be 99 cents as a download for al those who have wondered just how to make or break a habit and develop their spiritual awareness.

And all month long, The Oberllyn’s Overland will be just 2.99 for download – the story of one family’s adventures escaping the civil war and traveling to Washington on the Oregon Trail.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to leave us a review, and thank you, Anishki, from all of us at Potpourri Press!


And remember to wash often, practice safe distancing and wear a mask in public: it can’t hurt, it will help and we all need help during this pandemic.  So get yourself a good read and enjoy…

Book one of the Triple Trilogy!