Today we sit down with an incredibly busy person-she’s a homeschooling mom who writes!  Having done that myself, I can definitely relate!  Here’s what she told me about her passion for writing…

For years, I’ve wanted to write a book; one that would be a joy to read, full of imagination and plot twists and fun characters. Inspired by the reckless exuberance with which my children live their lives as well as their almost desperate need for adventure, I created a world they could dive into with similar abandon. It’s a world full of normal people who do extraordinary things when faced with almost desperate situations. 
Where we live, surrounded by mountains and trees, locally roasted coffee and farm to table food, lends itself to reading great books with no agenda other than being fun and full of imagination. I hope my books can be that for all those who choose to read them. 
When I’m not writing or reading or homeschooling or drinking coffee, I love to teach and practice yoga, hike the gorgeous wilderness all around me with my sweet man or dearest friends, get my hair cut, and explore my city. And in all things, I give thanks to the One who calls my name.


And you may wonder what the book is about?

The World of the Compass is one of Adventure, danger, beauty and friendship.  What story will be next? Who will Jenny and Josh meet?

When a determined but unstable sorceress kidnaps their parents and imprisons them in a book, Jenny Fletcher and Josh Park find themselves  deep in the world of the Compass–their ticket to  unprecedented adventure.  The Compass can take them into any book, but not without risk.

Their families are trapped in a book by the Sorceress, and the ransom to get them out is insane. Cinderella’s Stepsister’s severed toe? Gold from Jack and the Beanstalk? Who is this crazy woman and what does she want with her prisoners? Best friends Josh and Jenny must rely on the Compass–their ticket into books, finding all the items demanded by the Sorceress, and hopefully getting their families back. With the help of new, very capable friends, who train them to fight, think, and survive, Josh and Jenny undertake the rescue mission. Will they survive? Do they have what it takes to find each item? And how on earth will they deal with their changing feelings for each other amidst all the other craziness in their lives?This is a book for every age, every place in life, every guy and gal who loves adventure, mystery, a hint of romance, and nods to great works of literature within a modern, twisting plot.


It sounds intriguing to me-and I hope to you.  It’s available on Amazon.