Shawn is a former pastor and church planter who woke up one day with a stabbing pain in his eye, only to be diagnosed with viral encephalitis a week later. While lying in the hospital, wondering if he would live or die (spoiler alert: he lived) and wondering about what it all meant for his family and more, he began to write a story for his two sons, naming the main characters after his boys.
Since that time, Shawn has never fully recovered and has had to step down from serving as a pastor, but continues to write fun, silly humor books geared to young readers. To date, Shawn has five published books (a novel series of three books and two books of short stories) and has another four books written, but not yet published (three geared to kids and one geared to adults).
Shawn, What makes you write?
I write for many reasons. For one, since taking ill a number of years ago, I have been left unable to do many of the things I used to love to do, but writing is one of the things I can do. I find my mind flows well with “story.”
I also write because I feel that in the midst of this time, it is something God has given me to do. If this is what I have been given, I must write!
Finally, I find that I get a story inside of me sometimes and I just have to get it out. It has become a love and passion to create and design the stories that I can share with readers!
What inspires you?
One of the things that inspires me is the desire to really captivate a reader. I love to be able to lay out a story that draws the reader in and keeps them guessing about what might happen just around the corner.
I find as well that writing gives me the chance to connect with so many people around the world and to touch their lives in a wonderful, fun and exciting way! I love to share stories!
How many books have you written?
I have written nine books in total, although only five of them have been published so far. One of the books might not ever be published… we’ll see… it’s an odd book…
The big project I’m working on right now is a suspense book geared to adults. It’s currently just finishing up some early edits and about to be handed on to Beta readers. Since everything else I’ve written until this point has been geared toward younger readers, this book is a new and exciting venture for me. I have spent years as a pastor teaching and interacting with adults, but never had the chance to really lay out a novel for adults in this way. I’m excited about it! 🙂
Where is your book available?
Everywhere! My books can be ordered through pretty much any bookstore, but here is a link to my Amazon Author page where you can find all my books!