June is going to be insanely busy for us here: one book, Ninety Days to the God Habit, has just come out on Amazon.  June 30 to July 7th (because that’s the soonest they’d allow us to do it: the rules say you have to wait 30 days before you put it in a deal) it will be on a Kindle Countdown Deal-99 cents for June 30 and July 1, then 1.99 for two days, then $2.99 for two days and finally up to the normal asking price.

Twenty years from now when the world crashes…

June 10th, Kai Dante’s Stratagem will be a free  download on Amazon for 5 days-so if you haven’t got it yet, this would be an excellent time to do so.

June 17th to 21To Protect One’s Own will be a free download.

So there you have it-2 freebies for our fans, one almost free brand new book, and keep watching for the next specials…..

A savant and an artistic genius cross evil

Natural Morning

Lent is a time of rededication, of learning and giving ourselves more fully to the God who created us, saved us from ourselves, and continues to care for us every moment of our lives.  This small book of daily devotionals will help you to keep your mind centered on Him each day and whether or not you give up something for Lent, be it desserts, smoking or whatever, the small stories will make you think, sometimes smile, sometimes tear up, but always, always point you back to the Savior whose life was given for us. If it isn’t Lent when this book comes into your hands, it is still a good resource for a period of daily devotion; it takes 28 days to get a habit well integrated into your mind, and to worship Him daily for over a month will make it a good habit, not easily laid aside, that will bring you closer to Him and help you find the peace inside that His love brings in its wake.  God bless you on your journey.

Lenten Stories for God’ Little Children 

Just in time for Lent, these little tales will help you in finding just the right thing to read to your children each day of Lent, morning or evening, to help them find their path to faith.  Light-hearted in tone, but serious in meaning, these stories will be a favorite not just at Lent, but for family worship time.  The stories are gathered from the life experiences of a mother, grandmother and Christian author, and Traveler dearly hopes these bring you and your children closer to each other and to the Good Lord who created us with a thought, who redeemed us with his life and death and who waits in heaven for us, building us a home in His Holy City so we may never be parted again.  May God bless you as you raise your children, His gifts to you,  for Him..

These short true stories will bring the meaning of God’s sacrifice to your children’s hearts and help them find the path to personal faith.

Easter is coming and as a special gift to our subscribers, old and new, we will be gifting you with either a download of our adult or our read-to-me kid’s Lent devotionals-40 inspiring and true tales to bring you closer to the One who loves us all so much.  If you want a free copy, just send me a note in the comments section – I’ll get a sign in button set up this weekend, I hope.  Blessings and enjoy the newest and last book of the Oberllyn series!

In response to many people who have asked why I have written the Oberllyn series as I have in three trilogies.  As a  Native American, First Nation’s person, I look back to our ancestors seven generations for honor and lessons; I look forward to the next seven generations that my present actions do no harm: the trilogies represent looking back Seven generations to our forebears, and the present peoples, and the future of my people…so this is written in the traditional storyteller style.  I hope you have enjoyed it, that it has made you wonder what actually would happen if these things occurred

For those who’d like a little preview of the plots of the books, here we go!

Book one  of the present: The Infant Conspiracy

Noel and Violet Oberllyn have raised a family of high achievers who happen to be practicing Lenape Indians, and who have run up against the US government and a shadowy society called the Brotherhood: the worldviews of the family, tribe and highly placed government officials collide in a battle to see just whose ideas of justice will prevail.  The family are in a race to stop the extinction of  humankind, and to eliminate the fertility  virus….while freeing their friends from slavery and their retreat center from bondage to a government gone crazy.  This book has been fully revised,new cover, re-edited and given news scenes-and is ready for your enjoyment!  And if you look on our free chapters page, chapter one is posted now! You can get a real taste for it by checking that out!

Book 2 Kai Dante’s Stratagem

The debt slave crisis is winding down, people are returning to their own lives, there are plans to get the Sanctuary Retreat center back on track. Kai’s discovery of what caused the die-off resulted in a clean-up of conspirators in government and for a while, it seemed the world may be safe again for free thinking people. However, the Brotherhood are determined to destroy the Oberllyns’s and strike back led by the elusive Lady Venom. They have a plan to knock the world population from the present 5 billion to 500 million in three months and it is up to the Oberllyn’s and their tribal friends to stop them before the Day of the Dead festival in Mexico. Violet Oberllyn and Little Gabe are kidnapped, Kai introduces the repurposed Hummer, Gabriel goes undercover in Central America wearing very odd clothing and Micah dances his way to answers. Zyanya increases the numbers in the wolf pack, Marines are posted around the Retreat center, drones fly surveillance and Jasmine wonders if Catriona can be trained to live with the high traction life of an Oberllyn, and they all work for a peaceful solution. It just keeps evading them…and UPDATE!  we just finished revising and re-editing this book: it will be out very soon on Amazon -in it’s revised new cover seen just below.

Book 3 The Obligation of being Oberllyn

The story of the Oberllyn’s continues as they each are carried off in separate locations to fight radiation sickness sent to them by drones from the Brotherhood. In spite of their best efforts, they keep being found by the minons of the Ice Lady. As they must fight for their lives alone, constantly on the run, Kai and his dad Noel prepare plans to bring down this latest threat to the family and the country before the Day of the Dead, and Catriona learns just what it means to be a member of the tribe and clan…as each of them wonder if there will ever be peace and safety anywhere on the planet again.  We are finishing up the revision on this one; it will be put shortly with the cover you see below; adding scenes to make it smooter, and hopefully improving it.

The Oberllyn’s Overland-book one of the Past  Generations series:

This tells the story of the ancestors of  those wonderful Oberllyn’s  – at least in their US lives. From the beginning chapters of this historical novel set in the mid 1800’s, The Oberllyn family are under siege; first by an unscrupulous dishonorably discharged vet with an eye for a good farm, to the long road west to escape the Civil war, only to have Elijah become the government’s point man for a rebellion in San Francisco. Of course, if you’ve worked for the US Marshal’s office and Alan Pinkerton in your early career, such actions are not entirely unexpected. With his wife Elizabeth and his four children, spouses and children, they travel to California, a new life…and into new dangers.

Whoo-hoo! We just added the middle book of the past generations!  covering all the middle ground between the 1800’s where Oberllyn’s Overland took off and Rebooting the oberllyns moved us into the present,  Terrorists, Traitors and Spies brings us roaring through two World Wars, Vietnam and Korea and gives us a better idea of the family’s ties to each other and the Brotherhood’s plans for this world of ours-and everyone on it. 

The middle generations of the Oberllyn’s carry on the legacy of their father Noah by setting up a network of scientists, spies and informants all over the globe. This book spans the generations from 1910 to 1975; a time of change and growth. The family tries to stay out of the feud between Edison and Tesla while beginning to investigate an elusive enemy network that grows into an underground jungle that will plague them for generations. They survive Two World Wars, The Korean Conflict and the Vietnam War in spite of attacks on them personally from the enemy and from their own government. Will the legacy of the Lenape negotiators carry the family through discrimination, hatred and treason? Will there be another seven generations of the people to carry on or will they follow their ancestors into oblivion? Join the high energy Oberllyn family in yet another of Traveler’s tales of intrigue, technology and history.

Available  NOW!  Book three of the past history trilogy.

The Oberllyn’s in the year 2018 are a shadow family. Noel , Violet and their  children are close knit in more ways than one; traditionally native, brilliant, with military and scientific  backgrounds,  they all work together in the family firm. The firm, a fourth generation independent underground spy network, works  directly  for the President and other U.S. allies to stop the spread of terrorism.  In theory, Kai, Gabriel and Jasmine are supposed to take over the firm; Noel and Violet are supposed to retire as soon as the boys finish their present military service.  Kai and Gabriel had gone into the military undercover as recruits, only to have the government they  all thought  they were working for put them in situations to deliberately   attempt to kill them .  While her brothers are under fire, Jasmine is in university finishing her degree in forensic psychiatry, and while studying, finds a husband as well.  Lilianna has gone off on her own; Micah, an eight year old autistic savant, is learning to cope with his social anxiety while Serena just wants to find a horse to ride.  In the meantime, a hidden figure sets loose a savage virus that has a 100% kill rate, it has gone global, and the Oberllyn’s need to kill it before it kills them and everyone else.  And you thought retirement planning was just a matter of money…

And because you asked, a little bit about me.

I  was born in West Virginia in the last century. I was the Nation’s Mother for the Munsee Delaware of Ohio for eight years; I am wife to Dan for 45 years, mother of  six adults, a grandmother of 6 1/2 kids, a Clinically Licensed Independent Social worker, an adjunct professor of social work at my local university and an avid reader. I am a cancer survivor. I avidly study science and technology, fascinated by the inventiveness of people. I am quick to draw parallels in different fields and weave stories around them. I am a fabric artist and my most enjoyable time is spent  spinning yarn while spinning yarns for the grandkids…together with my daughter Fawn and Granddaughter Dreamweaver, we make up the Springhaven Fiber mavens.

And our newest book is:

Book Seven of the Oberllyn Chronicles takes the family into the immediate future, with all the action, political intrigue and hard science fiction her  fans have come to expect from Traveler’s tales.  Noel, Violet, Kai, Zyanya, Gabriel, Catriona and their families attempt to get ready to appear before the Joint Congressional Committee to  testify and to sort out the damage caused by the Brotherhood.   Violet’s old nemesis Obsidian shows up and suddenly, just driving to Washington requires a military escort, while back home at the retreat center, Bravo company has gone crazy and tries to kidnap the Oberllyn children.  How do you protect your family  when  the world has lost its mind?

In Book Eight,  The Importance of Family Ties,

Traveler is back with all the political intrigue, hard science fiction and adventure her fans have come to expect from her tales.  Noel, Violet, Kai, Zyanya, Jasmine, Scott, Gabriel, Catriona and their families chase through  the world, pitting their family, resources, intellect and espionage network against the Brotherhood;.  They  erect protective domes over all their safe houses and laboratories as they are labeled traitors and enemies of humanity.  The military is sent to take them into custody  all over the world. As the planet’s plant life dies from the sickened water;  the mutations spread throughout the animal kingdom.  The Oberllyn’s are made the scapegoats for all the world’s problems.  When Micah and Alexander are kidnapped, Noel has to call in help from all the worldwide family to bring them home .     As the family worldwide retreat to the domes, they wonder  if they will  hold through military bombardment?  Will the domes hold? Will the earth survive  or has  the destruction of the environment and the population plummet gone too far to recover?  Will only the people of the domes make it to the next millennium?

And from Tbear and me:

I did a marathon session with Tbear and we got his latest book edited and set put on Amazon! Its a medieval fantasy, the second in his series of the Falconcrest Chronicles called the Rise of the Rebellion. IN this book, Lucan and Amanda, still in the first year of their marriage, await the birth of their first child. When Lucan’s Brother Isaac is released from the Eternity prison by a disgraced wizard named Shadowblade, Lucan is called back by the King and Clansman to use his powers to rescue 24 kidnapped heirs of the clans and the Kingdom. Joined by a talkative dragon magivore called Gisella, surrounded by his wolfpack and joined in the fight by the wizards of Aisenbald, can he manage to recover all the children before they are sacrificed to the Myst and the Kingdom falls into Chaos? It is utterly engrossing a a ton of fun to read. It will be out by Thursday on Amazon and is available as an ebook, a paperback and we are hoping to get the series done up in audio sometime later this year. Give it a look, and remember to share this note with your book loving friends-it has been an incredible summer!

Jeanette Pelton      

All my books are available on Amazon as kindle or other electronic media downloads, or as paperbacks.  They are also available at Books a Million. If you want an autographed copy, you need to drop me an email at travelerpelton@gmail.com or on Facebook messenger on my FB page, travelerpelton and we can snail mail you an autographed to whomever you wish copy.  Mailed, autographed copies costs are as follows: complete set of the past or present trilogies is $30.00  in the United States.  Individual books are $12.00.  The Prequel is $15.00.  Shipping on however many books you want is a blanket $5.00.