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And the link to visit my author’s page is https://www.amazon.com/J.-Traveler-Pelton/e/B07837X14F?ref_=dbs_p_ebk_r00_abau_000000

And if you want an autographed copy of any of our books, locally in Mt. Vernon Colonial Books/Kidshelf, here in central Ohio, carries them-the owner of my favorite bookstore is a lovely lady and you will enjoy her store-and she is always running specials, so just drop by, those who are from around here.

All my books are available on Amazon as kindle or other electronic media downloads, or as paperbacks.

 If you want an autographed copy sent to you by mail,  you need to contact me on our contact page or on FB as a pm, or at whyonedr@hotmail.com.  Mailed, autographed copies costs are priced as follows: you can pay by Paypal and we will ship the same day.

The Chronicles of Falconcrest- $10.00 each or entire set for $25.00

Clan Falconer’s War                                  

Rise of the Rebellion                                  

Changeling’s Clan                                     

Forged in Fire and Water                       


The Oberllyn Family Generations Set-9 books.  $10.00 each or any three for 25.00 or entire set for $75.00

Oberllyn’s Overland                                   

Terrorists Traitors and Spies                       

Rebooting the Oberllyn’s                            

The Infant Conspiracy                                

Kai Dante’s Stratagem                                

The Obligation of Being Oberllyn               

To Protect One’s Own                                

The Importance of Family Ties                  

Kith and Kin, Together Again


Omnibus 1              The first 3 books of the series-750 pages! 18.00                                   

Omnibus 2           The next three books of the Series-750 pages-18.00

Omnibus 3           The final three books in the series – $18.00

All for $40.00


Spiritual works: $10.00 each; any 3 for $25.00                                  

  • Lenten Stories for God’s little Children                 
  • Natural Morning                                       
  • Big God Little Me                                      
  • Ninety Days to the God Habit                      
  • Tales of Advent and Christmas                    
  • Tales of Advent and Christmas 2                  
  • His Path is Mine                                        
  • Calm Instead of Clamor                           
  • Calming My Clamor                                  
  • Uncle James, Servant Of God,  Wrote a letter to us         
  • Just Before Dying, He Prayed for Us-  our newest worship book.
  • Kids Grew in My Garden, Vol. 1 – our newest read me a book, mom book


 Fiber Mavens Mysteries- individually priced at 10.00: entire autographed set for  $30.00

  • Quilting can be Criminal                             
  • Criminally Quilted                                
  • Criminally Pieced Together                        
  • Criminally Crocheted 
  • Criminally Spun Out

Ascot and the Stolen Shrubs

The Majestic Spectrum of God’s Love by Dan Pelton is $10.00

Basic Sewing on a Budget OR Vegetarian Cooking on a Budget  By Lynette are 15.00 each or both for 25.00

Shipping on however many books you want is a blanket $5.00.