After the heartbreak and sad that went on in October, we are finally getting back on track and getting back to this website. (Dan’s dad died; my good friend Barb died, let’s just say, too many funerals, too much loss, and now needing normal)

So I decided, November is going to be marvelous for our friends!

SOOOOO…Let’s just make a list: Freebies for November!

Clan Falconer’s War is free the 15-17th

Rebooting the Oberlyns is free the 21-24

The Importance of Family Ties is free the 10-12

Big God, Little Me is free the 6 & 7

And as always, please remember to leave us reviews on Amazon for our books: our goal is to have a dozen reviews for each book-and if you’re the twelfth reviewer, we’re going top have to do something special-haven’t figured out what yet.

And if you want an autographed copy of any of our books, locally in Mt. Vernon Colonial Books/Kidshelf carries them-the owner of my favorite bookstore is a lovely lady and you will enjoy her store-and she is always running specials, so just drop by, those who are from around here.

All my books are available on Amazon as kindle or other electronic media downloads, or as paperbacks.   If you want an autographed copy, you need to drop me an email at travelerpelton@gmail.com or on Facebook messenger on my FB page, travelerpelton and we can snail mail you an autographed to whomever you wish copy.  Mailed, autographed copies costs are as follows: complete set of the past or present trilogies is $30.00  in the United States.  Individual books are $12.00.  The Prequel is $15.00.  Shipping on however many books you want is a blanket $5.00.