We’re having a party!

September 26 from 7:30 until 9:30 we have having our first ever on line launch party-with prizes and quizzes and trivia and so much fun-go to our FB opage-Traveler Pelton-and check in at or about 7:30 and join the fun-first one in gets a prize, everyone gets at least one prize, and there will be a grand prize basklet/box drawn at the end of the party!  Come and share with your friends!


September is going to be marvelous for our friends!

So much is going on this month for our readers I don’t know where to start!

SOOOOO…Let’s just make a list: Freebies first!

Changeling’s clan, book three of the fantasy series is out and Sept 8,9, 24-26 it’s free download-get yours now and let us know what you think-we love reviews!

Infant Conspiracy is free Sept. 5,6 as a download on Amazon

Oberllyn’s Overland is free Sept. 8,9 and 10

Ninety Days to the God Habit is free download on Sept 11-12.

Now for the Specials-the countdowns….

Kai Dante Stratagem is on a Kindle countdown Sept 13-20-first 3 days it’s 99 cents, the last three 1.99.

The Obligation of Being Oberllyn is on Countdown the following week starting Sept 24, same deal as the other.

And as always, please remember to leave us reviews on Amazon for our books: our goal is to have a dozen reveiws for each book-and if you’re the twelfth reviewer, we’re going top have to do something special-haven’t figured out what yet.

And don’t forget to leave us reviews on Amazon-we love hearing what you think!

And if you want an autographed copy of any of our books, locally in Mt. Vernon Colonial Books/Kidshelf carries them-the owner of my favorite bookstore is a lovely lady and you will enjoy her store-and she is always running specials, so just drop by, those who are from around here.

All my books are available on Amazon as kindle or other electronic media downloads, or as paperbacks.  They are also available at Books a Million. If you want an autographed copy, you need to drop me an email at or on Facebook messenger on my FB page, travelerpelton and we can snail mail you an autographed to whomever you wish copy.  Mailed, autographed copies costs are as follows: complete set of the past or present trilogies is $30.00  in the United States.  Individual books are $12.00.  The Prequel is $15.00.  Shipping on however many books you want is a blanket $5.00.