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Tbear, at his first book signing


Tbear Pelton is  a young man on a mission. He wants to increase the world’s appreciation of not so medieval times and fantasy while still playing video games.  Seriously,  his book, Clan Falconer’s War, came out when he was just 17; it is carried by Amazon, and epitomizes his genre of historical fantasy.  He told me a little about the book.

“Lucan thought that as the youngest son of the manor, he would someday be a simple landowning farmer who raised good horses and went up to the manor for holidays.  After all, there were seven brother’s older than he.  However, through circumstance and magic, his simple acceptance of a quiet life was going to come to a roaring end as he ends up leading the forces of his clan and the valley against an evil greater than any wizard had ever faced; an evil led by his own brothers.  Throw in a dragon and a lost clan headsman’s daughter, and it is an enjoyable story.”

He went on to tell me his goals in his life.

“My main goals in life right now include finishing college, finishing my next book Rise of the Rebellion-I mean I have to get the wizard I left encased in a tree out of there, and I really needed to bring in more dragons, and some more technology and help people realize, no, don’t tell them yet.  They need to figure out where I’m going.  I will say this is going to be a trilogy.  My final goal is to stop having to work fast food and get into being a journalist and writer full time.”

As far as his own personal interests , Tbear said, “I love doing my livestream on Youtube titled The UNdead nation.  It’s not all zombies…you can be undead in more ways than that.  I like working on my grandparents farm, helping with the alpaca and the dogs..  I read lots, not just for college.  I really love music, I take voice, I’m in Collegians, the college traveling choir. I play piano and a little guitar, I’d love to learn violin.  I’m within one belt test of having my blackbelt in Panther Kenpo karate.  I’m sort of like the panda in Kung fu panda… I even love noodles.”

His worldview echoes many of the young folk I’ve dealt with over the last few years.  “I’m a Christian, and a spiritual person, but I belong to a small group house church, not a big congregation: I’m not into the formality.  I like to think God and I are friends, close friends, and that he leads me in what I do and think.  I’ve given up trying to understand how I ended up an Aspie (translation, a person with Asperger’s syndrome); I am what I am.  I have struggles sometimes understanding other people, but I still love people.  I sometimes talk too much, but I think storytelling in my books is a way of channeling that into an acceptable avenue.”

And finally, asked what advice he’d give other young folks aspiring to be writers, he told me,  “I’d tell them to read, a lot. To not be afraid of just getting their words down and worry about the editing later.  You can hire an editor-you can’t hire your ideas.  Don’t be afraid to try.”

Tbear has gone on to write three ore books in the Faklconcrest series, and if you love dragons, fair maidens and techy wizards, and really awful, terrible, horribly bad, bad guys, you will love them all!


Tbear’s books are all available on Amazon as paperbacks or downloads.

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