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A Rainy, Thoughtful, Day Here at Springhaven

It’s been training on and off since last night, and the puddles are getting deep. I can’t go out and garden and this is the day that folks who are rehoming puppies from us are coming to pick up their pups: sort of makes me sad to see them go but I’ve screened them carefully and I think they will be in the best homes I can find. Still, miss the little buggers…

They visited our vet yesterday for vaccinations, last worming, and general health check to be sure they were as healthy as could be before they go to their new home.

And I have been thinking, which is most likely not the best thing when you’re feeling down anyway, a little bit about marriage and love, divorce, and our society. Don’t get excited, my wedding anniversary is Sunday; we’ve been together for 47 years that day. I think we hope for at least twenty more before one of us succumbs to the old age and death syndrome we all face. It’s just that all week long, on and off on all the news channels, the Johnny Depp/Heard civil trial has been broadcast everywhere. YOu can’t seem to get away from it. I cannot help but feel so sorry for both sides; I cannot imagine the pain they are both going through, first because they have fallen so far from love that they are doing all this suing in the first place, and second that their lawyers couldn’t have settled it out of court, third, that they have to hash out in public all that pain. Yes, I have heard all the arguments about they’re actors and just acting; I don’t think so, and it’s all about money-maybe, and this is what those folks in Hollywood are about. Maybe. I just feel so badly for them. How can this possibly help their careers; admitting you have alcohol/drug issues, that you lost your temper and threw stuff and broke stuff? That you thought you were in love but weren’t? It’s simply sad. It ought not to be televised. It ought to be private. As a therapist, this sort of crucifixion by the press is harmful to one’s heart, mind, soul. Actors may have big egos, but both of them are taking some pretty bad hits.

And then I look at the rest of society and feel just as sad at the anger and hate towards each other. Too much violence, too much dishonesty, too much bullying of each other. I was shopping the other day. I had more than a few things in my cart(I don’t go often, so I have a list) and I was headed for the check-out. I got in line. In front of me was a lady who looked to be older than me, bless her heart. She had a few items, lots less than me. We spoke a few moments, you know, weather, grandkids, the usual be nice to strangers thing that greases polite society. As we were waiting our turn, this guy got into line behind me and started complaining about old people holding up the line, we ought to learn to use the self-checkers like the rest of society and get out of the way. She looked offended. I looked at his cart. A 6 pack of beer, chips, and a mother’s day card. I started laughing out loud. He got offended and left. Honestly, he had three items he could have taken to the self-checkout lines if he likes them so much. I had a week’s groceries to feed an army that eats at my place, and she had her own and her husband’s needs-but that’s how it is out there. Impatient and grumbling goes on all the time. What can we do?

My suggestion, the first one, is for everyone to just chill and smile at folks. Say a friendly good morning to people. Don’t get pushy-you’ll feel better, and so will the world. Take care of your business, stay out of everyone else’s, and just relax a little. We’re all busy, and no one’s time is worth more than anyone’s. We all have 24 hours a day. Rest a bit. Take care of you and be kind to at least one other person today.

That leads me to my second suggestion; don’t forget to download the free book for Mother’s day: do it for yourself, your kids, and your mom. It’s full of true stories about real kids I’ve dealt with over the years, and the names have been changed to protect the guilty…but you will enjoy it.

Just go to https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09FKRXBSQ

May 5 through 9 for your free download. It quits being free the 9th, so jump on it!

Have a grand day!

The brown one and the middle one are gone. One more to be picked up today. It’s going to be quiet around here.

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