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We like to fight boredom by giving away things in a random fashion-and that means you win! Here is our first one for this year: it can be found at:

Be sure to enter and maybe you will be one of the 75 lucky winners!

And to be completely honest, you will be asked for your email so we can contact you and send you other notices of freebies and contests this but you can unsubscribe at any time. Later prizes for planned giveaways include a kindle and a set of hardback mystery classics-4 of them. We plan one giveaway every quarter-you won’t want to miss them! Be sure to join the list today!

We have a lot of books to gift!

You must be 18 to enter: You must live in the lower 48 states. You are eligible for one of the 75 books; if you are chosen a winner, we will list the winners on the website, and your book will arrive postage paid to you, autographed.