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Oh, my goodness, What a Day!

Our mother alpaca Penny died this week from complications of a surgery she needed; she was buried this week and it made us all blue. She was our first alpaca and such a sweetheart, still, she was 16 and that’s a good age for them. But on to today, the Weather was warm but rainy: Danny’s alternator died while he was in the bank parking lot; so he walked up the hill to his physical therapy appointment for his replaced knee, then back down to Kroger’s to pick up meds and distilled water, then back to the stranded car and called AAA to haul them home. While that is going on, I get word that yet another friend has cancer, (What is it with cancer recently?) our great-grandbaby is here and seemed to have a penchant today for burping up and messing up her outfits, (4 changes), the washer gave me issues, the final day of my free cozy mystery was over- 3000+ were downloaded for launch day, a new record for us; Thank you so much, everyone! Now go read them all and let me know what you think! I still couldn’t find a good flight to the 20 Book Indie convention in November; (I got the room booked for the week and the Indie convention paid for; I just have to have a way to get there- seems the airlines have all sorts of reasons why I can’t book in November.) Dan got back, ate, went out, and got an alternator, and fixed his car, the rain picked up so he couldn’t work on swingset assembly, and I am simply ready for bed. Don’t forget to sign up for the giveaway on the contests page: it closes in two days! Good nite, family and friends. Rest easy.

They were both so busy today and they needed a rest.
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