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9/15/22 Great News! Giveaway Season is Here.

And we have 4 of them for you starting the 18th, however, a word from our CBW first:

Great grandpa and I have been exploring again, and I just learned how to go down two brick high steps out the front door and take off at a dead crawl across the front yards.  Gracious, did you know the outside was so messy I had to have two baths in the same day?

And kittens are soft, I caught one this morning, well, it actually caught me as I was sitting in my stroller.  Jumped right up and just like that I had an armload of grey kitten. He didn’t stay long. Oh, Great Grandma wants to talk now. Don’t forget to have someone read to you today-unless you can read, then you read. Great-grandpa is my official reader in residence. He makes funny sounds and stuff. I can’t wait to read to myself someday.

Thank you, Munchkin. And kittens are soft and I’d just as soon you did not put that dustball in your mouth. There, that’s better. Life on the farm is always full of surprises from the cat who likes to attack from on high, (Honestly, I simply can’t understand why that cat sits on the back porch roof and launches himself at folks coming out the back door. What does he think he’s doing?) to the gas company finding a leak underground and having to drill down underneath a huge maple tree to find it and fix it, and then suck the leaked gas out of the ground, which is something I had no idea they could do.

And the new book is doing very well, thank you. If you haven’t read it, why?

Now two bits of news before I leave you be tonight-did you know that our next cozy mystery will be published in two weeks?  The cover is ordered, the last editing being done-so watch for announcements, and perhaps the larger announcement:

I am excited about our upcoming giveaways.  I just ordered brand new kindle fire  7’s as part of the prizes, and I will be running, one after the other, four giveaways.  The first will be of cozy mysteries, with 20 books, all trade paperbacks, autographed as prizes, and a grand prize of a Kindle with a black cover to protect it;  21 prizes.

The second giveaway will be sci-fi/fantasy with 25 books gifted, again, trade paperbacks, autographed, and the grand prize will also be a kindle-so 26 prizes.

The third giveaway will be devotional/self-help books, and there will be 18 books and a grand prize of a kindle, with a pretty cover. 19 prizes

The final giveaway of the year will be 75 books of all genres, trade paperbacks, all autographed, just in time for Christmas with a grand prize of a kindle fire 7 with a cover.  76 prizes on the final one of the year!

The kindles are ready, the books are ready-are you ready?

All I want is your email address to add you to my newsletter. If you’re already on it, then great – join the giveaway as my way of saying thank you! I already have your email. If you aren’t, you may like what you see – life on a small farm, plus some Science Fiction, cozy mysteries, fantasy, historical novels, and spiritual self-help books to find and there’s always the humor page to tickle you and make your day brighter.  You can unsubscribe at any time, but what have you got to lose by joining the giveaway?  Added together, you have 142 chances to win during the next three months! And I really think you’ll like my website.  I’ve got the books ready, I’ve got the shipping containers prepped, and I have the Kindles getting here Friday- so watch my website to sign up for the giveaways! The first one starts September 18-so watch for it!  Don’t forget to enter!  Don’t forget to like and share this post!

And have a great almost fall from the folks here at Springhaven Croft/Potpourri Publishing!

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