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July 1, 2022 Happy July 4th (almost) the cutest baby in the world and your newest hints about writing:

In retrospect, I should have given her a bath after she had her zwieback…this is the cutest baby in the world (CBW) enjoying her first taste of twice-baked toast.

In the meantime, life goes on here at the farm, and this week I joined a group of folks who are doing a Christmas in July promo-they’ve all written Christmas books of one sort or another, from romances to traditional stories and everywhere in between, got together to make a joint promo and invited me to join. It sounded like fun and below is the link-hope you’ll go visit


Now on to this week’s writing lesson for new Authors (and yes, someday I will put all of these together in one place in an ebook for download, but not until I’ve published them all for you this way. Let’s review quickly:

1st hint , the first is to simply start writing down all the ideas that come into your head and flesh them out later, some will become books, some won’t but all are worth the simple act of writing them down.  It’s practice, it helps.  Do it today.

2nd The second tip was to just get out a little each day to relax and let thoughts flow easily. 3rd The third was to read. And now (short drum roll here) our fourth tip is to find your main character and describe that person, place, or thing. I’ve had books where the main person was a personified dog. I’ve not written anything about talking to thinking kitchen appliances yet…however, considering tech today, that might not be a bad idea to put in the subconscious and mull a bit. Find your main character, give them a name and age; describe them in a paragraph to yourself, and then think of how to introduce them to someone else, that is, your readers. All that you do is with the reader in mind. You write for yourself, yes, but if you want to be successful, you read with them in mind as well. This week, find a character, name them, and describe them. If you want to send me your character, just send it to the comment section below and let me see how you’re doing. I’d love to meet your characters! I love to hear from my readers.

Until next time; CBW reminds you to keep your zwieback ready, remember to hydrate, and read me a story!


June 24, 2022 From Tornados to Powwows

This has been one eventful week; following the heels of the tornado Tuesday the 14th in Ohio and the terrible mess the storms left us to clean up, ending with Roe vs Wade being overturned today the 24th, and an actual federal gun law being passed in both houses and sent to Biden. Sometimes it makes this author’s head spin.

Of course, we are ending the week with bad colds in the family, so we had to cancel out both studies and church so we don’t give the crud to anyone. (And no it’s not Covid; it’s head colds. The achy, sneezy, coughing, you don’t feel good, kind of head colds. I should have bought stock in the kleenix company when I had a chance.)

The powwow we went to the 16th through 20th was good; the folks had a good spirit, we had a hoop dancer come, perform and give free lessons to any and all comers, a nice, young traditional man. Dan and I managed to get all through our garden once weeding and hoeing it; he is irrigating it all right now from our spring.

I was all set to go get a shower and head to bed when I remembered I had not sent along this week’s writing tip: well, two, one from last week and one for this week: the first is that any good author knows to read, and read widely, not just in your genre, although that’s very good, but in many genre’s. It helps to get new words and new vocabulary in your head; it shows you how dialects look written down; it helps you get a feeling for words you won’t get any other way. You need to see what other writers who are published are writing and how they write; you aren’t going to copy them, but you are going to learn from them. The library is your friend.

The second hint (as you recall, the first is to simply start writing down all the ideas that come into your head and flesh them out later, some will become books, some won’t but all are worth the simple act of writing them down. The second tip was to just get out a little each day to relax and let thoughts flow easily. The third is to read. And now (short drum roll here) our fourth tip is to find your main character and describe that person, place, or thing. I’ve had books where the main person was a personified dog. I’ve not written anything about talking to thinking kitchen appliances yet…however, find your main character, give them a name and age; describe them in a paragraph to yourself and then think of how to introduce them to someone else, that is, your readers. All that you do is with the reader in mind. You write for yourself, yes, but if you want to be successful, you read with them in mind as well. So this week, find a character, name them, and describe them. If you want to send me your character, just send it to the comment section below and let me see how you’re doing. I love to hear from my readers.

Now in the meantime, the sun has gone down and the Sabbath is finally here and I am looking forward to quiet time. I do hope next week is quieter for everyone, no riots and protests near you, no angry mobs or weird weather, just normal life for you and your writing and that you are blessed-remember, look for the special gift God has sent for you for Sabbath-He always sends us something to remind us He’s been watching-I have green tomatoes in our garden, for instance, and we saw the first praying mantis. I’m sharing some pictures from the powwow; hope you enjoy them! Blessings and a peaceful weekend to you all.

Just resting after grand entry.


June 10,2022 My next author Suggestion is-watch clouds!

Guess what? It’s not raining! Now I promised everyone to send along some tips about writing; the second one is not to get moldy and mildewed from too much rain. That sounds silly? Think about it. So often as authors we get into ruts, we get grumpy and it seems like everything rains on us until we end up rusting and getting writer’s block. Writer’s blocks are frustrating, aggravating, and 100% caused by our own attitude-we allow ourselves to see walls when there aren’t any. If you find yourself being so afflicted, then friend, what you need to do is change it up; if you are stuck on a scene, then go to another book or another scene and work there. Get up, walk around, and stretch a bit. Get outside and get some fresh air. Drink a glass of cold water. Do not get on your phone; do not run to gaming or social media; that will waste your time and not allow you to make progress. Change your scenery a little bit. If you are anywhere near a park or the country, go outside with a blanket, lie down and watch clouds while thinking at first of nothing but clouds. Take your mind off whatever is blocking you. Concentrate on something you see in your environment; some kids playing, a dog being walked, the traffic going by relax. Consider how that might go into the book or be the start of another. Get up, go back, and start again from the beginning of the chapter-maybe even read everything you’ve written so far to see why it seems you’ve written yourself into a corner. You can break out; drive the moldy feeling from your mind and get back into the good, fun part of writing. Take care of yourself. Without you, this book wouldn’t get written. And as you see from the picture below, I am thinking so fast, my head’s smoking…

June 8, 2022 And it’s storming outside again!

Doesn’t it just seem almost every time I can sit down to send you a note it’s raining? Well, it’s raining. However, this has been an extremely odd week: first, the printer at the office died and due to covid shortages-or that’s the excuse, I had to go to four stores to find a replacement that could do everything I needed. Then my dishwasher died. OK, so I have a very mechanically minded husband who dashed right in and fixed it. Thank goodness. However, then Artasha died, Fawn’s angora rabbit. Now to be truthful, she was very old, but still, I hate it when we need to bury one of our pets. Then Alana’s muffler fell off her car. In power washing the garage and house, we found the front boards on the carport had rotted so we had to replace them. As if that weren’t enough insults to the old budget, our preparations for our powwow camping got cramped by the present gas prices; over five dollars a gallon; we are still going but wow! Re-budget time!

All that crazy put me in an economic mood, so to speak, and I decided I needed to send some specials your way in case you were feeling it too-we all have to help each other in these really bad economic times. You might not be able to go anywhere physically, but at least you will still be able to read good books, right? Not a total loss and it doesn’t cost you any gas to wander the mental trails with me. So here are the specials just for you, my fans, for June:

The Oberllyn Origins will be a 99-cent download from June 10 to 17-a savings of $2 a copy. Get taken away by the tale of one of our ancestors, the start of the Oberllyn family, and her story, based on true historical events, of being kidnapped from her home in America, hauled to Scotland, never to return; how does that fit into a spy network? You’ll need to read it and see. Just remember the special price is only for a week.

BW and the Scent of Death, a cozy mystery with canine heroes, will be a free download June 13 and 14 only-you’ll need to hurry on this one! That’s a four-dollar savings! It’s just two days though.

And finally, Uncle James, A Servant of God to Us, will be just 99 cents from June 19 to 26. That’s $3.00 off-so add the three downloads up and you have saved seven dollars by getting all three, which will pay for a gallon of gas at this point-don’t tell me I don’t love you! Have a great June!

And by the way, June 16 through 20 I will be at a powwow in Ashtabula, OH, if you’re close, stop by and say hello-we’ll be in the ancient pace arrow with the awning out and books in front and great-grandchild holding court to her many admirers.


June 7,2022 Just wanted to share this poem-as a grandma, it made me cry

When she was a little girl they told her she was beautiful but it had no meaning in her world of bicycles and pigtails and adventures in make-believe.

Later, she hoped she was beautiful as boys started taking notice of her friends and phones rang for Saturday night dates.

She felt beautiful on her wedding day, hopeful with her new life partner by her side but, later, when her children called her beautiful, she was often exhausted, her hair messily tied back, no make up, wide in the waist where it used to be narrow; she just couldn’t take it in.

Over the years, as she tried, in fits and starts, to look beautiful, she found other things to take priority, like bills and meals, as she and her life partner worked hard to make a family, to make ends meet, to make children into adults, to make a life.

Now, she sat. Alone.

Her children grown, her partner flown, and she couldn’t remember the last time she was called beautiful.

But she was.

It was in every line on her face, in the strength of her arthritic hands, the ampleness that had a million hugs imprinted on its very skin, and in the jiggly thighs and thickened ankles that had run her race for her.

She had lived her life with a loving and generous heart, had wrapped her arms around so many to give them comfort and peace. Her ears had heard both terrible news and lovely songs,and her eyes had brimmed with, oh, so many tears, they were now bright even as they dimmed.She had lived and she was. And because she was, she was made beautiful. ~

Suzanne Reynolds, © 2019

May the good Lord bless all the grandmas who wait alone for someone to notice they are not only alive, but still so beautiful.


June 3, 2022-A Festival, a baby, and the ending to a good week.

My great-granddaughter scored some new shades at the first Friday festival in Mt. Vernon. Lots of booths and tons of folks came. The music was a bit loud for my taste but she loved the guy in the dog costume (our local credit union mascot.) It was her first crowd type outing and she is just a shade young for stranger danger, so she smiled at everyone. They had an old car drive-in, and for the record, the purple cars held her interest and it didn’t matter if it was a vintage Volkswagon bug or the Chevette, if it was purple, it was her kinda car. At any rate, two rubber bracelets, a small football, two stress balls, a 4-inch frisbee, a set of shades, and a stress ball shaped like the human brain(see it in front of her in the cup holder) and she was pretty well worn out. The weather was 76′, with a slight breeze and plenty of friendly dogs on leashes to stare at from the stroller. She was asleep before she got fully hooked into her car seat. I suspect she’ll sleep well tonight.

Violet rocks the shades…
And she really didn’t care about the crowds; she’s at the don’t know a stranger so she just smiled and gurgled a lot.

Back home at the farm, it was a great launch party: the winners of the prizes should be getting their prizes shortly as I mailed them yesterday. The giveaway went wonderfully well last month as well, and we had 35 winners of autographed books. The next giveaway will be the end of July, most likely. Before then lots more to prepare for during the summer. Two more books to come out, a kindle giveaway, and prep to go to the 20 Books to 50K convention in November, where we’ll be one of the meet the author booth folks-if you’re in the area, come see us. Have a great almost summer!


May 27, 2022 The Rain, The Winners, and The Party

It’s raining outside as I write this, so perhaps that’s why, being housebound, not wanting to float away or get mildewed, I have selected the names of the winners of our latest contest and will be announcing them at our Launch party on Facebook on June 1st from 6 to 8 pm, to which you are all invited to come to join the fun. Besides announcing the winners, we will be giving away several gift cards, giving excerpts from our next two books to be, gifting folks with neat book-related things, and there will be a grand prize for the evening, and you are entered for the grand prize by showing up and posting. Each time you post something, you are entered. I hope you can join us. It is going to be a ton of fun; I hope to meet all of you online that night.

Now for those who did win a book or a consolation prize, we will be mailing out 25 books and 25 consolation prizes on Tuesday; let me know when they arrive.

Just waiting to be addressed and mailed out to you!

May 18, 2022

And can you believe it’s raining again! However, Tris, Dan, and I got the veggie bed planted this morning, so all is not lost; potatoes, carrots, onions, tomatoes, beans of various kinds, 5 kinds of squash, eggplant, peppers and I have three more raised beds to fill. I still have more flower beds to compete and tomorrow is filled with a doctor appointment and a Bible study and watching the cutest great-granddaughter on the planet, so I decided I’d best get this going so I don’t miss it.

What do you all think of Mr. Musk buying Twitter? I’ve looked back a little historically and he seems to have made his money through hard work and ingenuity which I can’t fault, and he seems sensible enough and goodness knows Twitter needed some taming down, but I wonder how much will really change? You have any ideas on what could be done to make that media place less censoring and more inclusive? I have a few but I’d like to hear yours. You can just comment in the box below.

Hope all has gone well with you lately; it seems like spring, once it finally settled into itself, thought it was summer and we’ve had a bunch of 80′ days-and Friday is supposed to be in the ’90s, which is really unusual for May. I generally do my planting and such before noon, so I have time to work on my writing in the heat of the day.

My newest book, a space novel, ( https://www.amazon.com/dp/ B0B13ZCP1L) will be having its official launch day on May 31, so wanted you to know about it. It’s already on Amazon if you simply can’t wait for the opening day, but it won’t be on a 99-cent pricing until launch day-and launch day is going to be fantastic- we will be awarding the giveaway prizes (see our contests page). I have 40 books to gift to folks-no reason you can’t be one of them. What’s the book about? Well, since you asked…

Autistic savants Micah Oberllyn and his friend Sir Alex Stevens have grown up and found their places in the Oberllyn family think tank.  No one realized how serious the boys were about space travel until they started testing engines, using robots they’d designed to construct leaf ships, and quietly building a moon base as a stepping-off point for interplanetary colonization.   From Kai Dante to Catriona, the Oberllyn family is back and everyone joins in the attempt to make the project a success. A nemesis from the past targets them and they find themselves once again dodging control by more than one government, fighting elusive bad guys, and deciphering who can be trusted and who not and it isn’t always your family. If you like space travel, Micah Oberllyn, Sir Alex Stevens, autistic geeks, horrible bad guys, action, and adventure, you will love this book!  Autistic savants Micah Oberllyn and his friend Sir Alex Stevens have grown up and found their places in the Oberllyn family think tank.   If you like action, hero geeks, and horrible bad guys, you will love this book!  And no, Alex doesn’t smile very much, but gracious, can that boy juggle math! I’ll see you soon under the imagination tree-and if you haven’t signed up for the giveaway, there are only six days left-it closes on the 24th! So keep your powder dry, plant flowers, and join me in reading a good book.

May 6, 2022 A Rainy, Thoughtful, Day Here at Springhaven

It’s been training on and off since last night, and the puddles are getting deep. I can’t go out and garden and this is the day that folks who are rehoming puppies from us are coming to pick up their pups: sort of makes me sad to see them go but I’ve screened them carefully and I think they will be in the best homes I can find. Still, miss the little buggers…

They visited our vet yesterday for vaccinations, last worming, and general health check to be sure they were as healthy as could be before they go to their new home.

And I have been thinking, which is most likely not the best thing when you’re feeling down anyway, a little bit about marriage and love, divorce, and our society. Don’t get excited, my wedding anniversary is Sunday; we’ve been together for 47 years that day. I think we hope for at least twenty more before one of us succumbs to the old age and death syndrome we all face. It’s just that all week long, on and off on all the news channels, the Johnny Depp/Heard civil trial has been broadcast everywhere. YOu can’t seem to get away from it. I cannot help but feel so sorry for both sides; I cannot imagine the pain they are both going through, first because they have fallen so far from love that they are doing all this suing in the first place, and second that their lawyers couldn’t have settled it out of court, third, that they have to hash out in public all that pain. Yes, I have heard all the arguments about they’re actors and just acting; I don’t think so, and it’s all about money-maybe, and this is what those folks in Hollywood are about. Maybe. I just feel so badly for them. How can this possibly help their careers; admitting you have alcohol/drug issues, that you lost your temper and threw stuff and broke stuff? That you thought you were in love but weren’t? It’s simply sad. It ought not to be televised. It ought to be private. As a therapist, this sort of crucifixion by the press is harmful to one’s heart, mind, soul. Actors may have big egos, but both of them are taking some pretty bad hits.

And then I look at the rest of society and feel just as sad at the anger and hate towards each other. Too much violence, too much dishonesty, too much bullying of each other. I was shopping the other day. I had more than a few things in my cart(I don’t go often, so I have a list) and I was headed for the check-out. I got in line. In front of me was a lady who looked to be older than me, bless her heart. She had a few items, lots less than me. We spoke a few moments, you know, weather, grandkids, the usual be nice to strangers thing that greases polite society. As we were waiting our turn, this guy got into line behind me and started complaining about old people holding up the line, we ought to learn to use the self-checkers like the rest of society and get out of the way. She looked offended. I looked at his cart. A 6 pack of beer, chips, and a mother’s day card. I started laughing out loud. He got offended and left. Honestly, he had three items he could have taken to the self-checkout lines if he likes them so much. I had a week’s groceries to feed an army that eats at my place, and she had her own and her husband’s needs-but that’s how it is out there. Impatient and grumbling goes on all the time. What can we do?

My suggestion, the first one, is for everyone to just chill and smile at folks. Say a friendly good morning to people. Don’t get pushy-you’ll feel better, and so will the world. Take care of your business, stay out of everyone else’s, and just relax a little. We’re all busy, and no one’s time is worth more than anyone’s. We all have 24 hours a day. Rest a bit. Take care of you and be kind to at least one other person today.

That leads me to my second suggestion; don’t forget to download the free book for Mother’s day: do it for yourself, your kids, and your mom. It’s full of true stories about real kids I’ve dealt with over the years, and the names have been changed to protect the guilty…but you will enjoy it.

Just go to https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09FKRXBSQ

May 5 through 9 for your free download. It quits being free the 9th, so jump on it!

Have a grand day!

The brown one and the middle one are gone. One more to be picked up today. It’s going to be quiet around here.

And don’t forget our giveaway going on right now-go to the contests page and sign up for your chance to win free autographed sci-fi books! or just hit to enter. Blessings, all! https://kingsumo.com/g/33wkq6/may2022sci-fi


April 28, 2022 Hello, All my Relations!

Time for the monthly specials just for you!

First, because Mother’s Day is coming, and being a mother myself, we have a special just for five days for you to download for yourself-or on your mom’s ereader, called Kids Grew In my Garden.  Mother’s Day is May 8:  this book will be free for you to download a copy May 5 through 9- do something special for your mom!  You know you love her, show it! Give her a book that will make her smile.  Kids Grew In my Garden is a series of short stories about kids growing up, perfect to make her smile or for her to read to her grandkids, or if you are a mom, to your kids.  Do something special for yourself or the woman you love.  Remember, May 8 is Mother’s Day! And this is free!

Just go to https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09FKRXBSQ

May 5 through 9 for your free download.

You know you want it for yourself, too…

Now to celebrate the fact that I am releasing a new science fiction series on the last day of the month or thereabouts, we are running specials on three of our bestselling Sci-Fi/fantasy books.  Here they are, one per week, for you to download for just 99 cents.  You are going to get very little sleep this month!

Accidental Anomalies will be 99 cents for a download on Amazon May 8 to May 15: you will have one week to download it. 

Ever since the meteorite holocaust, mutations have shown up in the population. Drs. David and Michael Simmons, brilliant scientists, have terrible luck with women. When they marry Aspen and Diem, the sisters disappear like previous wives. What hides in the lowest level of the Center? If you like action, sci-fi, and horrible wicked bad guys, you need this book!  Just go to

and download your copy May 8 to 15.

Our next special is also 99 cents and runs from May 15 to 22: WARNING! it will draw your mind to places that may be concerning.  If you like stories that pull you into the action, The Infant Conspiracy will keep you up past your bedtime! Noel and Violet just want to retire but the U.S. economy tanks; Serenity Center is forced to become a slave labor camp; the Oberllyn’s are drafted to save humanity from annihilation by a man-made virus. It’s scary but all too plausible. Your download is waiting at:  you won’t want to miss it!

And finally, just before the newest book comes out, we are running a 99-cent special on a fantasy book, just to keep your mind limber.  May 23 through 30, Changeling’s Clan will be on special for you.

When the King calls Lucan and his clan to rescue the five Kingdoms, weddings and love are set aside as the pack and family rallies to destroy those who would destroy the land.  With techs challenging magic, and help from a dragon called Melchior, led by a beastmaster, will Clan Falconer survive to recover peace? You are going to miss bedtime tonight!  But your dreams of castles, dragons, magic, and romance are going to be sweet after, so start early afternoon so you have time to dream.

Then to culminate the month, our newest book will be coming out May 31.  Micah’s Quest will be out towards the end of the month, so get ready!

You are going to love this book-I’ll send you an email when it comes out.

Happy reading!  Long live Sci-fi.  I’ll be waiting for you under the imagination tree this month, and the next two space books are planned to come out about 3 weeks apart, in case you’re wondering.  I like to not keep you waiting too long to see what happens next.  Blessings and peace to all!


April 23, 2022 What a glorious day!

I got all the giveaway books mailed out-thanks everyone who joined in the fun. Haven’t decided what the next one should be since the next book is sci-fi-so a sci-fi giveaway? Or a kindle to read it on? I like to make things interesting so if you have a suggestion, let me know! Also, I am needing ideas for merch bling to hand out at the convention I’m attending-if you were attending as another author or as a visitor who loves Indie authors, what sort of bling would you like? Bookmarks, poker chips, cups, cup covers, what’s fun for you? Pens are good, but really, sort of passe-so let me know what you think. And I need ideas for a cosplay costume for a little old lady and a little old man-who should Dan and I dress up as? The swing set is nearly done, the puppies will be going to their new homes on May 6, and everything is blooming that can bloom outside! It’s a lovely end of the week and expecting to get a little rest tomorrow. on the Sabbath day-it’s supposed to be nice out, and it’s skip week at our home church, so may just spend the morning with a devotional book, sitting in the backfield reading. There’s a mallard duck nesting on the bank under some bushes next to the creek, and the snapping turtle we call tank is once again walking with his head above water, up and down the creek like a submarine with it’s scope up-he must be at least 15 inches across now or more. The bullfrog tadpoles are astonishing in their size and we have minnows as well. They appear to be food for the Great heron that shows up early afternoon. Got tons of gardening done this week, which was good. Happy Sabbath and God bless.

Autistic savants Micah Oberllyn and his friend Sir Alex Stevens have grown up and found their places in the Oberllyn family think tank. If you like action, hero geeks, and horrible bad guys, you will love this book! 


April 21, 2022, Let it Be, Mother Nature…we really want to get the yard work done before July.

OK, so yesterday, we had snow, sleet, iceballs, sun, rain, and back to snow. Today, it got up to 55 and sunny, so I got some mulching done and weeding and it felt good to be outside. Now it’s clouding up and looks like rain tonight. Ah, well, it was nice while it lasted.

We had the grandbaby today so her mom could sleep- mom works nights. I do enjoy the little lady so much; knowing she came so close to death at one time in her 5 months makes us all the more protective. I am thinking about getting a warning Tee shirt that says something like “forget mama bear, stay away from great-grandma bear. She’s packing heat and attitude.”

That’s my baby and her mom. Both lovely ladies and close to our hearts.

I just got the cover proof of our next first of series book and it’s wonderful! Countdown, six weeks until the next sci-fi series! You are going to enjoy it. AND I am looking for folks who love sci-fi to add to my advanced reader list, so if you are one of those and like to receive free books in exchange for a review on Amazon (meaning you actually have to have an Amazon account, have spent fifty dollars on anything there in the last 6 months and be able to post reviews, they’re funny about that) drop me a comment so I can get in touch and you can join our list of reviewers. I’d like to get 25 reviews on this one. Thanks for your help!

Isn’t it great? The autistics Micah and Alex are the heroes of this book, and the villain you will not believe!


April 13, 2022 Oh, my goodness, What a Day!

Our mother alpaca Penny died this week from complications of a surgery she needed; she was buried this week and it made us all blue. She was our first alpaca and such a sweetheart, still, she was 16 and that’s a good age for them. But on to today, the Weather was warm but rainy: Danny’s alternator died while he was in the bank parking lot; so he walked up the hill to his physical therapy appointment for his replaced knee, then back down to Kroger’s to pick up meds and distilled water, then back to the stranded car and called AAA to haul them home. While that is going on, I get word that yet another friend has cancer, (What is it with cancer recently?) our great-grandbaby is here and seemed to have a penchant today for burping up and messing up her outfits, (4 changes), the washer gave me issues, the final day of my free cozy mystery was over- 3000+ were downloaded for launch day, a new record for us; Thank you so much, everyone! Now go read them all and let me know what you think! I still couldn’t find a good flight to the 20 Book Indie convention in November; (I got the room booked for the week and the Indie convention paid for; I just have to have a way to get there- seems the airlines have all sorts of reasons why I can’t book in November.) Dan got back, ate, went out, and got an alternator, and fixed his car, the rain picked up so he couldn’t work on swingset assembly, and I am simply ready for bed. Don’t forget to sign up for the giveaway on the contests page: it closes in two days! Good nite, family and friends. Rest easy.

They were both so busy today and they needed a rest.


April 8, 2022; Great News for You!

It is pouring rain as I write this little note to you, but wanted to get you as much lead time as I could, so our announcement is: (and just a little bit of drum roll, or possibly that’s thunder? Good grief, that was lightning…good thing I’m inside as I write this) The official launch dates of For the Love of a Child are April 11,12 and 13: on those days, the book will be a free download on Amazon. And for more value, inside the book is another free download-so when you download one book and finish it, you have another book to download and read as well! Two books for free, just for you-how much better can something be? (See below for the answer to that question) And we do hope you’ll leave us a review when you are done with the latest cozy mystery.

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09X4VLM3X When Pum Sr. built a zoo to entertain his dying child, it wasn’t his intention to attract a scholarly sociopath. If you enjoy zoos, small towns, cozy mysteries, and exciting plot twists, you are going to love the latest series by Traveler.

How much better can this get, did I say? Well, don’t forget to enter the giveaway for your chance of winning a free cozy mystery paperback, autographed by the author, mailed to you. Just go to the contests page on this newsletter, and enter the giveaway-share this post with your friends for more entry credits. You can earn three more chances just by having friends sign up. So have a great week, don’t forget to download, and remember you are special to us here at Potpourri Press-take good care of yourself!

And to help you do just that here’s our Tip of the day-water is good, drink lots of water. It clears your body of impurities; it clears your brain of that cobwebby feeling. Wash your hands often to stop the spread of germs we don’t need. Thank you and keep reading! It does a body and a mind good. Remember: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09X4VLM3X April 11,12,13…


Final email of March- You are just in time for our April specials…

A couple of years ago, we used to provide specials, 99 cent sales, and freebies each month for our fans and their friends.  We got away from that due to some new policies at Amazon, but they’ve loosened those up a bit and we can go back to a monthly list of specials for you, our readers, and friends.

For this last newsletter of the month, I wanted to let you in on all our specials for the month of April and give you a tickler of the latest giveaway we will be starting in celebration of our almost out, brand new cozy mystery, based on a zoo and the love of a father for his child. More on that as soon as the cover gets back.  And of course, in May starts the new space trilogy for our sci-fi fans; we did not forget you in our flurry of cozy mysteries, so be sure to watch for everything coming up!

First full week of April 1-8, we are featuring Oberllyn’s Overland, our historical riding west romance and action novel. It’s been completely re-edited, augmented, and reset. If you haven’t read it, you are missing out! If you like pioneers, spies, rugged heroes, strong women, and the wild west, you are going to love this book!

 For these days only, it’s 99 cents for the Amazon download.  After that, it goes up to 4.99.  Save yourself some money, give yourself several hours to relax and get involved with covered wagons, espionage, family ties, and family sagas.  Remember the first week of April!  And that is not an April fools joke!  It’s real!

Get your copy here:

Keep the dates of the 11 til the 14th open in your mind-our newest mystery will launch with a bang during that time!  Watch for details;  you are going to love Melody’s Zoo!  There will be a giveaway starting soon, more details, specials, and tons of fun-so watch for it. We may even have a launch party on our FB page, with a chance to meet the author, win an autographed paperback or hardback book, possibly even a kindle to load your new books to so watch for it!.

From the 15-19-during Holy week, Easter and Passover, our book Ninety Days to the God Habit will be free.  Normally $4.99, it will be a free download just those days, Good Friday until Tuesday-free If you need an easily understood, clearly detailed, scientifically proven, and effective way out of bad habits and mediocrity, you are going to love this book. If mediocre isn’t enough anymore, get a new life! 

It’s my Easter/Passover gift to you- love you all.  Get yours for free at

FINALLY, I HEARD THOSE OF YOU WHO MISSED LAST MONTH’S FREE DOWNLOAD  of  BW and the Scent of Death and I am sending it out for free this month for just 2 days-the 26th and 27-it’s a free download on Amazonlast chance to get it free, it won’t be on special again for six months so don’t fuss if you miss it this time. I’m giving you a second chance.  Here it is

That about winds it up for this month-hope to hear from you in April; have a grand spring-and watch out, especially for the giveaway announcement and the new book party-Blessings and peace to all.


March 18, 2022 Welcoming our New Friend!

Welcome to a fellow author and colleague on her latest book:

After she realized Roy Rogers wasn’t waiting for her to grow up so she could marry him, Caroline Clemmons wanted to be like Nancy Drew. Later, she wanted to write stories like Nancy Drew books. She writes in a tiny office surrounded by research books and mementos. She and her Hero live in North Central Texas cowboy country where they ride herd indoors on their rescued pets.

The over seventy titles—mostly romances—she has created have made her a Top 100 Amazon author, a bestselling author, and won awards. She writes cozy mysteries as well as sweet to sensual romances about the West, both historical, contemporary, and time travel. In addition to her series, she has written single titles and contributed to multi-author series and box sets. When she’s not writing, she loves spending time with her family, reading her friends’ and other favorite authors’ books, dining in restaurants, browsing antique malls, delving into genealogy, checking Facebook, and taking the occasional nap. Find her on her blog, website, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and Pinterest.

And here’s just an excerpt from this really well-written mystery:

Zoe Wilder is a reporter for the local newspaper, The Spencer’s Ridge Gazette, in Winston County, Texas. She also writes cozy mysteries. Perhaps that’s why she sees a crime where there may not be one. Members of the local Winston County Sheriff’s Department view her as a pretty, redheaded kook and don’t take her seriously. When she finds her friend Margo Kingsley dead, she is certain Margo was murdered and Margo’s housekeeper agrees. The investigating officer doesn’t believe her, and the death is ruled an accident due to a fall while inebriated.

Zoe is determined to find the killer. A new Chief Deputy, Caleb McBride, arrives a few days later, hired from Fort Worth PD’s homicide division under unusual circumstances. Deputy McBride (aka Deputy McBossy, McSnarky, McYummy and other names Zoe devises) is determined Zoe will leave detecting to him and his officers. He warns her she is making herself a target. He also warns her he’ll arrest her if she interferes again. Undeterred, Zoe fears he is only going through the motions to appease the late woman’s daughter. Surprisingly, the new Deputy is the nephew of the dead woman’s housekeeper, of whom Zoe is very protective.

Just as Zoe decides Deputy McBride is good at his job, the killer targets her. She is forced to cooperate with Deputy McBride. Will the killer be stopped before Zoe is the next victim?

DEATH IN THE PERFECT HOUSE is a light-hearted cozy mystery which contains humor and light romance, with no graphic sex, and no cliffhangers.

Excerpt One (603 words):

I turned at the sound of a vehicle. A sheriff’s office patrol car pulled into the drive at Margo’s, but I didn’t recognize the driver behind the wheel. Waiting on the Hamptons’ front porch, I watched the deputy climb out of his car and walk toward Margo’s, but then he stopped, changed direction, and veered toward the Hampton’s.

Pretending to look at my notepad, I observed him from beneath my lashes. I thought I’d met all the Winston County deputies. Nope. I’d have remembered if I’d ever talked to this guy.

Wow, would I ever.

He sauntered up the walk with a long-legged gait just short of a swagger. The man filled out his uniform as if he were the poster model for a recruiting campaign. He stepped onto the porch and I looked up. And up. My four-inch heels raised me to six

one, but he was two or three inches taller.

His lips twitched in a smile that displayed a dimple in each cheek. “Get an eyeful?”

I ignored his remark. “Who the heck are you?”

Mirrored sunglasses hid his eyes. “Ma’am, you must be confused. I wear the uniform, and it’s my job to ask questions.”

“I thought I knew all the deputies, but we’ve never met, um . . .” I peered at his name badge, “Deputy McBride .”

“That’s right, we haven’t. You are . . .?”

“Zoe Wilder. I work for The Spencer’s Ridge Gazette.”

He lowered his Raybans to peer at me, displaying deep blue eyes. “I guessed that’s who you were.” He looked me up and down, which wouldn’t have been bad if he’d displayed at least a little lustful appreciation. But no, it was as if he were inspecting a possible drug dealer in a line-up.

I ignored his rude perusal. “You’re wasting your time here. The Hamptons are on a cruise for another week with City Councilman Kirk Stevens and his wife.”

“You don’t mind if I find out for myself, do you?”

I stepped aside and gestured toward the door. “Be my guest.” But I was thinking, what did he mean, he’d guessed that’s who I was?

He rang the bell and the same maid answered. This time she appeared a little tense, no doubt when she saw his uniform. She repeated her story then shut the door again.

I smirked at him. “Satisfied?”

“I’ve heard about you.”

What kind of answer was that? “Heard what? That I’m an excellent feature writer? Or that I write mystery novels?”

I tapped my notebook against my leg then stopped when I realized it made me appear nervous. “Perhaps you’ve read my latest release, Sentimental Journey To Death? You see, I always use old standard songs for my titles, like that one and the previous, I’m In The Mood For Murder. Or, have you read my newspaper articles?” It was as if this handsome man—this very, very handsome man—had unleashed my

tongue and I was powerless to stop babbling.

Inside, I was thinking, God, why don’t you just strike me dead now and shut me up? But The Almighty didn’t do either, because He was too busy working toward world peace and eliminating hunger—or perhaps He was flat out laughing at me.

I took a deep breath and finished, “Is that what you heard?”

“Not exactly.” Sarcasm tinged Deputy McBride ’s voice. “It was something about a pretty, red-haired kook who works for The Spencer’s Ridge Gazette and thinks every event is a major crime in masquerade.”

“Kook? I am not a kook.” I comforted myself that at least he’d said I was pretty.

So swing over and check out our new friend’s book while waiting for our next special to start on the 23rd.–Remember, The Oberllyn’s Origins will be just 99 cents for one week-get your copy!


And thank you to all who downloaded our new mystery last week!

I finally got it done, as promised!

March 9, 2022, and it’s about time! I got BW and the Scent of Death published today, and though I won’t have the official launch for a week or so, wanted you to know about this first! Read on for our March almost spring specials:

This month we are featuring two of our latest books for you to download, enjoy, and hopefully, write a review about on Amazon; the first special is running for free on the 14th, 15th, and 16th only This is your chance to get our brand new Cozy mystery! A lot of you have been waiting to see what happens to BW, Ascot, and the rest of the gang at Sinclair’s Animal Rescue, and here is their continuing adventure. Remember-it’s an only for 3 days free download, and hope to hear from a bunch of you! Drop comments on our comment page on this website (Ask questions as well) and post reviews on Amazon/Goodreads-I love hearing from you and it really does help. You can get your copy at

Our second special runs from March 23 to the 30th-for one week only, this book will be 99 cents a copy-after which it jumps back up in price. I am just trying to save you a bit of money while finding more ARC readers; folks who will read a copy and leave a review in exchange for getting a free copy of each book that comes out. If you’d like to do that, send me an email, pm on FB, or comment here.

People ask me why I chose a model for the cover who looks disgruntled/furious.dangerously angry, in general, not happy. Of course, the girl on the cover is angry; kidnapped, sold as a slave, hauled across the deep waters to Scotland, married off to someone she barely knows, never to come home; how can she survive to found a dynasty? Based on actual facts, this prequel to The Oberllyn Family Series is a fast-paced historical novel that reveals the roots of the Oberllyn family. It’s a must-read to understand just why the family really doesn’t trust the government- and since history has a way of repeating itself, you might want to reconsider what happened to her. You can get your copy March 23-30 for only 99 cents at https://www.amazon.com/Oberllyn-Origins-Prequel-Generations-ebook/dp/B09PTLWQYX

So have a good read this month as winter tries to turn into spring; whether we have snow, rain, sleet, sun, or whatever, reading is a great way to explore your world from the safety of your favorite chair! See you next month for specials and a new giveaway! And you can also send some comments here on our comment page…and don’t forget to consider becoming one of our ARC (advance readers).


February 25, 2022

OK, I needed a real break from doing my taxes-it looks like my office has undergone government interventions of some sort, there are so many forms scattered on every flat surface; so after several hours of sorting, making spreadsheets, and fussing, I needed a break, so I took myself over to my book corner and packed up the books I am giving away-they are in their envelopes waiting to be mailed off to the lucky folks who win this giveaway.

So here they are on the shelf….
And they are all in envelopes waiting for you to win!

At this stage in a giveaway, I get really excited and worried about my fans. I like to keep book giveaways to about a 1 in 10 ratio, in other words, a one in ten chance you will win. From the look at the sign-ups. I may have to add a couple more books to the giveaway so you’ll get at least a 1 in 10 chance. Do you get the idea that I love gifting folks? Maybe that is why I love freebies so much, like the ones listed below in the last post. There is one last free book this month-and then I get to award books-and after the first 8 to ten books are awarded, the next ten gets a consolation prize-which is pretty neat. And just wait for what I have planned for March! So enter soon, tell your friends to enter, and if you have a problem entering, drop me a comment, an email, or PM me on my FB page, Traveler Pelton-and I’ll enter your email for you. The giveaway closes last day of February- and I choose the winners on March 1; they mail out to the winners March 7. If you are a winner, I will contact you and ask for your mailing address-these are paperbacks, autographed. Remember to reply quickly so I can address your envelope-if I don’t hear from you in 48 hours, the next person in line will win in your place. We don’t want that-So don’t just sit there, enter!


February 14- Happy Valentines Day! And my gift to you:

We are runnning wonderful freebies this month!

We have just been able to set up some specials just for you, our readers! You are going to enjoy this month’s limited, extraordinary, incredible deals. All of them are available at the click of a button, but only for a short time!

Our first deal is a free download of Book One of the Mutant fellowship. It will be free for you only from February 20 until the 24thjust five days-you need to go to Amazon to download your free ebook copy. And I am hoping you will leave us a review! Go here now to get your copy!

to get your copy! Mark it down on your calendars-don’t forget. I don’t want you to miss out on either of these specials and you don’t want to either, so mark it down And I can’t wait to read your reviews.

The second, extra special, just for you, will be a free download of our newest, just in time for Lent, a devotional called Living the Promises of God, Devotionals of Discovery. It will be a free download for you only for three days, February 26 through 28th, and only for you because you are my people. Treat yourself to a book that will change your life and give you a feeling that God does care, He is with you every day. Remember-free only for 3 days. You will not want to miss it.

Just go to

It really is a wonderful book-so far, it looks to be one of our bestselling devotionals.

And as always, thank you for being a fan, for reading and reviewing, and for just being you!


February 8, 2022, Just in Time for Lent and You!

Just in time for Lent-which starts March 2 this year if I am reading my calendar correctly, we have a new devotional just for you! I am hoping to be able to offer it during the first few days at a reduced cost for my fans but we’ll see what Amazon allows. If I can make it free for a few days, I will because I think it will help my fans/friends/ so much and I’d like to get as many reviews as I can in the first week: so download your copy and let me know what you think! I just wanted you, my favorite people, to see it first: here’s the cover once:

and later in the month Feb 13 and 14, check out The Obellyn Origins: and at the start of March, we have a new cozy mystery coming-so much going on here! Share the website with your friends-we have several wonde4rful specials coming up you will not want to miss! And to all those who won in last month’s giveaway, thank you for your kind words and new reviews: I am so glad you loved them. Watch for all the specials and new books and contests and such-thank you for being a fan! Blessings from all of us here at Potpourri Publishing-J. Traveler

Hope you survived Winter Storm Landon: Feb 4, 2022

We are at a level two still as I write this, but wanted to let those who were in the giveaway that I kept my promise: I took all the books down to the post office this afternoon as soon as we were allowed to drive and mailed them out to you: so hopefully, you will be getting them in a week or so. I was told that delivery might be slow in a couple of states due to the climate stuff going on.

The last batch of books, all packed and ready to go to the post office for the winners

Here we only got 5 inches of snow, but nearly 3/8 inch ice. It made for some interesting chiseling to get the car out, let me tell you! However, we were out and back and by the warmth of our fireplace shortly. Since we were watching the infant, did not get as much writing done as I prefer. And wouldn’t you know it, sometime during the storm, Molly, our greedy momma alpaca, knocked the feed can over and they all gorged themselves: so not we have to do with what is called grain overload, meaning we have to give them a sodium bicarb drenching every hour or so-have you ever heard an alpaca belch? It smells horrible! And they are of course, as miserbale as a kid day after Halloween.

The guilty parties…

In spite of it all, it’s been not a bad week here at the farm and the book store. I’m planning on several specials in the month of February: a book to be released mid-month (more on that later) and possibly a freebie or two, so stay tuned!

I’ll post again next week.

And the Temp Just Keeps on Dropping!

Really, it’s been 8 below this week-and tonight is supposed to drop below zero as well. The weatherman says next week it’s supposed to get above 50 by Wednesday, so all this snow is turning to mud mid-week. I’d rather have the snow. At any rate, it’s cold outside but very nice in here. Those of you who have entered our giveaway, remember that if you entered by the 30th, I am giving anyone who entered before the date a consolation gift: so if you haven’t entered, get it done, and if you have, drop me an email with your mailing address; you are certain to get something!

Looking out the back yard off the porch

It has been a long and tiring week and I am so glad the Sabbath is here. We buried another dear friend lost to covid: Dan, Fawn, and I had the service for our friends. I completed the devotional for this Lent and gave it to the editor: I will order the cover Monday, and I got a bunch of editing done on two other books and got 10,000+ words into the newest space novel. And just a couple of days left to sign up for the giveaway-I’ve been compiling a database to choose the winners from randomly: it will be good to send out the prizes: I hope by end of next week. So up and down and back; but the house is warm, I just finished hugging the great-grandchild and although cold out, it’s warm inside. Dan gave Violet some pointers on taking a nap: she grows ore every day. And watch the freebies page: I will shortly be posting a freebie to occur only a limited time in February. God bless and hope all is restful for all tonight.

Dan teaching the little one how to nap on a cold winter’s day


Hey, what’s all that white stuff out there?

January 19, 2022

Can you believe it? We finally got snow a couple of days ago, and it’s actually sort of pretty, in a frosty sort of way. The farm animals pretty much hate it, but then, I suppose I would too if it meant I had to stay in the barn most of the time. We’ve been doing more babysitting of our tiniest munchkin, and I’ve been slamming out words like a crazy person. I have given myself two deadlines that may be ambitious even for me-one is for the second of the new series of space novels-and the other is to get the devotional for this lent season done by January 31 so it can be edited, a cover created, and published for my readers before Valentine’s day. I’ve got several books planned out in my writer’s timeline and hope to release a book a month starting February so watch for them and get ready to be taken far away.

In the meantime, our backfield below the barnyard has been invaded by black vultures-horrible big birds that are related to the carrion-eating families, but who would rather kill small animals by swooping down, separating them from their mothers, tearing out their eyes, and ripping them to shreds-did I tell you they were terrible? They aren’t even supposed to be around this time of year, and there is literally a huge flock, my neighbor counted 60 in one place. Our local Department of Natural resources says they are protected under the migratory songbirds act and we can’t just shoot them to chase them away. Dan’s really upset; and he’s taken to shining a green laser at them as it seems to chase them off without harming them-but really, we have cria in the flock. We think they may have already taken a couple of our barn cats.


Our first giveaway of the year is nearly done-and if you haven’t entered for your chance at an autographed, free paperback you are missing out big. Here’s the link in case you mislaid it somewhere:

All you need provide is your email and an address to mail it to when/if you win. I’ve got the envelopes ready, all set to mail, so there is one more week left-get to it!

In the meantime, thanks for dropping by; I’ve updated the humor page again-we have to keep laughing…and hopefully, it will lighten the day-vultures or not.


And winter swings around again, sort of

January 10, 2022

Winter in Ohio is a little like a girl trying to decide what to wear to her next dance: it snowed, it rained, it was sunny, it was cold, it’s warm, it’s muddy or it’s frozen. If I changed my mind that much, Dan would put me away. However, with a combination of long/short sleeves, sweaters/capes, boots/shoes, and hats/scarves, we are making it through the indecisiveness of this winter. In the meantime, we are busy writing books, editing books, and launching books.

In our almost, sometimes, occasional spare time, we are raising alpaca and pomeranian dogs. I also take time to love on my great-granddaughter. There is simply something endearing about how little ones look up at you with myopic, trusting eyes, still trying to make sense of this world, just wanting to eat, sleep and cuddle. They lose that so soon and this world can be a cold place. If you have little ones, love them while you can.

I was skimming the news channels for anything good the other day and I came across these feel-good stories

First cause I love babies, I came across this one:

A miracle premature baby born the size of an iPhone spent Christmas at home after a “rollercoaster” year where his parents feared he may not survive. Little Myles weighed just 1lb 8oz when he was born 14 weeks premature on June 19. He came home after a six months-long battle, on Christmas eve this last year.

The next story hales from Washington, the state not the conglomerate on the Potamic River where they wouldn’t know an elk from a moose on a sunny day: On Christmas Eve, a dozen elk were freezing to death in the Kettle River south of Barstow, in Ferry County, Washington. They’d been crossing the river when the ice broke, stranding them. Jeff Stuart and Jordan Fish were out coyote hunting when they saw cows and calves that had fallen through the ice and gotten trapped. About 40 elk stood on the far side of the river. They’d either crossed successfully or opted against it when they saw what happened to the first 12. Jeff called his wife, Rylee, to let her know he was going to get some rope in Barstow, then head out onto the ice to try and pull the struggling animals out. The rescue party quickly grew. Rylee drove to the river with her mom and kids and, by the end of the day, more than two dozen people were helping pull the elk out, cover them in blankets and warm them by fire. One rescuer broke his hand, another fell into the freezing water, and one was kicked in the back of the head by an elk. But they shouldered on til nearly 8 pm and were able to rescue several of the animals. Some sadly didn’t make it but the ones that did were worth the risk. Random Acts of Kindness are more than just a movie idea-they’re real. As a therapist, I know the power of a kind act to others-it’s good for you, good for the world.

Good news is out there. Look for it. Ignore the fluff and chaos of the talking heads who can only see doom and gloom-and if you have a good story of someone or something that’s extraordinary, leave it in the comments-we’d all like to hear positive stuff. I’ll keep sharing what I find-you come along and share as well. God bless.

In the meantime, take a look at the newest jokes just posted, join one of our giveaways or download a free book: enjoy your stay. Y’all come back when you have the time; we’re here.

January 5, 2022: Frostheaves and cold winds and snow-oh my! Winter is coming back around here at Springhaven Croft-we are dropping to the teens tonight and colder tomorrow, and it is supposed to start snowing again Thursday at 5, with a suggested accumulation rivaling last year’s. It’s fine; we have a fireplace rick full and plan on sheltering in, writing sewing, eating hot soup and cornbread. Winter is one of those things that I enjoy watching from behind a window, and since I don’t have to go anywhere, I shall simply get things done inside-things like putting my books into hardcover editions, releasing a new book, and writing on the others.

Speaking of which, the newest book-released today! Is the prequel to the Oberllyn Generations series and explains the back story of how the clan started down the path they did; it’s a page-turner. It’s also going to be out on just about all fronts-not just Amazon, and it will be released in ebook, paperback, and hardback on Amazon; ebook everywhere else. You owe it to yourself, and your sense of curiosity, to get yourself a copy and set back in a comfy chair with a warm comforter, hot cup of cocoa, or tea, and lose yourself in another time…

Last year, this time

December 26,2021 What a difference a year makes! Last year (2020) at Christmastime, this was off my front porch. We had three inches of snow. It was a marvelous white Christmas with most of the family in attendance. We had huge plans for the year and I’d like to report a bunch got done.

Now fast forward to today and last night. It rained. I mean we even had thunder at one point.

However, the entire family was here and we had grand times, eating way too much, opening gifts, laughing at old stories, enjoying the new great-grandchild, keeping the younger boys out of the candy (well, mostly), and in general just loving being together.

We are a year older, hopefully, wiser, and closer than ever, in spite of the miles that usually separate us. Covid is still very much a factor in all of our lives: three of my kids are nurses; another works managing in retail, some of us have our own businesses and offices. All of us have been impacted by the pandemic and the upset in our society. In spite of it, we have all survived.

Some of how we survived we set into a book we are giving away for free-in as many ebook forms as we can because we think it could really help you, our readers and fans, to live a calmer, less anxious life.

And one thing we learned, no matter what Mother Nature sends us, snow, rain, sleet, or pandemics, God is still in control here, there, and everywhere. Family still loves us and there is always service to others to consider. No matter what the pundits, politicians, and even some of our acquaintances, this old world is still a pretty wonderful place. There are still flowers in the spring, and at this time a year, in my indoor gardens. There will be babies in the spring on this little farm, there will be new books out and gifts for our subscribers. There is still laughter to be heard from children. There is still love and closeness and life.

So a new year will be starting soon; we’ll share some of our plans in another blog. For now, let me just say that we hope here that you and yours had a great Christmas, a safe last year, and have hope in your hearts for our future. And if in doubt, read a good book!