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Our Book catalog so far…and growing!

And we have expanded!

We just added to our catalog The prequel to the first book of this series: called The Oberllyn Origins, it’s a back history of how the original ancestors went from the US to Scotland and back again: setting the stage for the series. You are going to love it!

In the beginning, the kidnapped ancestors of the Oberllyn’s had to rescue themselves from slavery in a strange land. How does someone travel from the freedom of Colonial Virginia to Scotland and back again generations later with their integrity unblemished? Who were the true barbarians, the colonists or the native peoples?  Travel back with us to the time when trees were tall, the settled country was being invaded by refugees from a failed civilization, and two young people made the best of a terrible situation.  They founded a dynasty.  But their first task was survival.

Romance, adventure, history and traditional peoples, what is not to like?

The Oberllyn Family Series: 9 books but expanding this summer to come!

Oberllyn’s Overland

Elijah may have retired from Pinkerton’s but they didn’t get the memo: he goes west in search of peace only to become entangled in a rebellion. 

Terrorists Traitors and Spies

            The middle generations of the Oberllyn’s carry on the legacy of their father Noah by setting up a network of scientists, spies and informants all over the globe.  This book spans the generations from 1910 to 2010; a time of change and growth.  The family tries to stay out of the feud between Edison and Tesla while beginning to investigate an elusive enemy network that grows into a worldwide web that will plague them for generations.  They survive Two World Wars, The Korean Conflict, Vietnam War, and the Gulf Wars in spite of attacks on them personally from the enemy and from their own government.  Will the legacy of the Lenape negotiators carry the family through discrimination, hatred and treason?  Will there be another seven generations of the people to carry on or will they follow their ancestors into oblivion? 

The Obligation of Being Oberllyn

Do you get more bang for your buck blowing up Harvard Commons or irradiating the Oberllyn Sanctuary? Will Kai, Noel and Micah prevent the earth’s implosion before the Day of the Dead?   Does Catriona love Gabriel enough to become one of the Oberllyn clan?

Rebooting the Oberllyns B07FK7ZYP4

A global genetic virus has a 100% kill rate and the Oberllyn’s need to destroy it before it wipes out civilization-then Maybe Noel can retire…And Kai can take over the family research clan.

The Infant Conspiracy

If you like true-to-life sci-fi, real-life adventure, and dystopian futures, The Infant Conspiracy is going to keep you up way too late tonight!

Kai Dante’s Stratagem

. If you love thrilling action, puzzles, mystery and cutting-edge tech, you are going to love the latest book in the Oberllyn Family series. Given only a strange poem, will Kai and Micah decipher the puzzle before they all die?  Who will survive to destroy the tyrant running the Brotherhood?

To Protect One’s Own

If you like hard sci fi, horrible bad guys, and puzzles, you are going to love this book!

The Importance of Family Ties

Retirement? Not likely for Noel while the world is on fire and his kids are in the middle of it…

Kith and Kin Together Again

How do you protect your family when just doing your job requires a military escort, security wolves, and a team of ninjas?

And just for the fun of it, we divided the past, present and future generational books into 3 Omnibus, to save you money and time; 3 books in each volume!

The Omnibus1

Omnibus 2

Omnibus 3

And our first pure Sci-fi series: The Mutant Fellowship

Accidental Anomalies–

Action, love , and mind-reading kids with scales, what’s not to like? Accidental Anomalies is going to keep you up way too late tonight!

Altered Anomalies

Can love blossom in a cave?  If you like action, thrills, sci-fi and really wicked bad guys, you need this book!

Accepted Anomalies

Deep inside an ancient sealed cavern, the Mutant FellowShip holds their annual tribal meeting while outside, the Center convinces the U.S. government to make all mutants slaves in the battle to repair the planet.  Love blossoms in the safety of Sanctuary, but will hate and greed destroys the world they knew? Sci-fi, love, and bad guys, you want this book!

And running into Cozy Mysteries, here is our first Series!

Quilting Can Be Criminal

Lyonsville, a serene village where tourists come for the atmosphere, food, and handmade crafts. But that was before the murders started… 

Criminally Quilted

If you like cozy mystery, intrigue, sweet romance, and small towns, you are going to love the Fiber Mavens series.   

Criminally Pieced Together

Between the FBI, Homeland and the crime wave, will Brad and Casey break the quilt puzzle before  the town and  their wedding go up in flames? 

Criminally Crocheted

If you like cozy mysteries, rescuing wayward kids, and happy endings, you are going to love this book! The Fiber Mavens have disappeared; crochet samples piling up, Casey’s in labor, Brad’s losing it. What’s going on in Lyonsville?

Criminally Spun Out

Welcome to Lyonsville, a serene village where English and Amish shops draw tourists by the busload for the atmosphere, food, and handmade crafts.  The Fiber Mavens Shop has added a new craft specialty and the spinning brings out the wicked in someone.  Casey’s twins are kidnapped; drop spindles are being left all over town and the Fiber Mavens find doing good can sometimes result in disaster.

And our newly created Cozy mystery series are starting!  Welcome to the Fern Valley Fur Family!

Ascot And the Stolen Shrubs

The Snow Owl lodge, the ladies’ auxiliary, the dog and cat shelter, and murder? Meet Fern Valley.  Why do humans steal flower bushes? Ascot needs to know before someone hurts his pack. Dogs come and go at Sinclair’s rescue, but no one remembers a time when the bushes walked off. If you like cozy mysteries with a touch of humor, town secrets, midnight forays into graveyards, cats, dogs, and eccentric small towns; you are going to love this book!

T Bears Fantasy series: The Chronicles of Clan Falconer

Clan Falconer’s War

Clan Falconer’s War, the first in the Clan falconer series, will show you what might be, what could be and might take you away. If you like fantasy, wolves and dystopian futures, you are going to love this book!

Rise of the Rebellion

When his evil brother Isaac is released from the Eternity prison, Lucan is sent to rescue  24 kidnapped clan heirs from Shadowblade. Join Giselle the magivore, Lucan and his wolf pack on the latest adventure beyond reality.

Changeling’s Clan

With techs challenging magic, help from a dragon called Melchior, led by a beastmaster, will Clan Falconer survive to bring back peace?

Forged in Water and Fire

Amazon ad The Five Kingdoms call on Lucan and his clan to destroy an ancient evil. Aided by dragons, magik and lovely assassin, will the world survive a war without a living enemy?

Non-Fiction and Spiritual Books

Calm Instead of Clamor  

Calm Instead of Clamor is like having a comforting Christian counselor in your home showing you easy, clinically proven steps to lower the fever of fear in your heart.  Get back your calm today. 

Now on perma-free on Amazon and almost every other known ebook place on the internet, Barnes and Nobel, Scribed,  -just go download yours and don’t forget to get your copy of its companion book,

Calming My Clamor

This companion book of devotional readings was written as an accompaniment to that first book to help apply the principles of peace learned to your anxious heart and aid you in learning the daily discipline of calming your mind before you go out to face this world’s challenges.  Get your copy today-and calm your clamor!

His Path is Mine

If you want to pull closer to the Creator, this small book of daily devotionals will help you to keep your mind centered on Him each day; the short stories will make you think, smile, sometimes tear up, but always, always point you back to the Savior whose life was given for us. Find the peace inside that His love brings in its wake.

Lenten Stories for God’s Little Children

These short true stories will bring the meaning of God’s sacrifice to your children’s hearts and help them find the path to personal faith.

Tales for Advent and Christmas  Books; volumes 1 2 and 3

If you are a parent, you will enjoy these books, and so will your kids if you read it to them while cuddling up close, sitting on a couch, cuddling close, drinking hot cocoa, nibbling on cookies.  If you’re a single person just escaping the hustle, set down comfy with a comforter, maybe a friendly cat, sip hot cider, eat gingerbread and spend some time this crazy season for yourself. There are enough stories for the 24 days of advent, or indulge them all at once. What do Christmas pickles, monsters  and spiders have to do with the nativity, anyway?  Why do reindeer fly?  Why do we tell spooky stories?  Find out!

Big God Little Me

Righteousness by Faith in Jesus is a topic we will study throughout eternity and your eternity starts now. Traveler hopes this little book will start you down the path to understanding the great gift of God.  In forty short devotionals, she enables you to feel more confident in your own salvation.

Natural Morning

If you want to pull closer to the Creator, this book of daily devotionals will help you to keep your mind centered on Him.

Uncle James, A Servant of God, to Us

A devotional to build a heart for social justice; develop comfort, clarity and peace. This book teaches practical Christian living.

Ninety days to the God Habit

If you need an easily understood, clearly detailed, and effective way out of bad habits and mediocrity, you are going to love this book!

Just Before Dying, He prayed for You

If you wonder what was on God’s mind on the way to the cross, this book will help you realize-it was you.

Kids Grew in My Garden

Tell me a story!  This book is all about real children doing real things. Kid’s Grew in My Garden is for those who love to read to children but have trouble finding engaging, intriguing, non-fiction stories.  Ideal for church school, homeschool, parents and storytelling time.

The Majestic Spectrum of God’s love

Have you wanted to understand what the Bible is about but felt a little too intimidated to ask someone?   Without all the jargon and hype, Pastor Dan helps you to discover the Son in the constellation of concepts about God and to feel more secure in your faith. This book will help you understand the prime reason God loves you personally. 

 Whew! And still writing!

Thanks for looking and we do hope you will read them and leave us a review! We love to hear from you and it really does help the word get out about our books.

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