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I am going to declare 3 of 4 officially over as of Sunday night, which means giveaway 4 of 4, celebrating fall and us going to the 20K Indie convention in November, will officially be open for signing on November 7.


Out with Giveaway 2, Sci fi and fantasy: we are steadily heading into giveaway 3 of 4: Get your entry in today! It only runs two weeks.

It’s giveaway 3 of 4- get involved and win!~


October 21, 2022 Thank you to all who joined our giveaway! 

The following are the winners of the Fall Giveaway # 2 of 4:  congratulations and thank you to all our winners.  The next giveaway starts October 23rd-don’t miss it!

Catherine M

Kelly G

Anita D

Richelle L

Anthony G

Erin S

Jarrod J

Nicholas P

Jesse S

Daniel H

Stephanie B

Marci C

Tina C

Jennifer F

Nancy M

Amelia J

Bia K

Ronda P

Lydia H

Tom G

Amy D

Patrick M

Frank P

Cassandra D

Dana M

Cindy T

Candi L

Autumn O

Chrissy L

Katherine N  won the Grand prize of the Kindle 7

Thank you for entering!  Remember to check back to the webpage for information on how you might join our other contests and for humor, thoughts, info on our latest exploits and books. God bless!


Giveaway two is done: I will be posting the next one shortly. Our newest giveaway is running as of 8:00 EST the 23rd!!


The cozy mystery giveaway is done: I will be posting winners very shortly. In the meantime, the sci-fi one runs until the 18th- if you like fantasy and sci-fi, time to get moving!

Our latest giveaway starts Monday the 19th at 10:30 pm, Ohio time!

1 of 4 giveaways for this year’s end! #giveaway #win

#1 of 4 giveaways for this year’s end!

Don’t forget to enter!

And don’t forget to look at our catalog!


Just letting your know that

Donna Hatfield

Jackie Morris

Allison Paige and

Lisa Murray won the July giveaway! Congratulations and please let me know when your books arrive. They are coming through US mail. All the rest who entered, thank you, and everyone needs to watch for our next giveaway! I believe it will cover the end of August through the beginning of September. The final giveaway of the year, our largest one, with 100 books and a grand prize of a Kindle and a pretty cover for that kindle, will be in November-in time to read the books yourself or gift them, or both! Best check back often and find out when the next chance to win comes. You wouldn’t want to miss out.

It’s July! We have a new book coming out and that means a giveaway!

Just six more days to sign up for the May giveaway: don’t miss your chance!


There’s another new book coming, it’s May so here we go!

May is almost here, and that means a new giveaway. This one is Sci-fi and fantasy, because the new book, Micah’s Quest is Sci-fi. The giveaway starts in just a week-don’t forget to sign up!


So if it’s May 1 as you read this, what are you waiting for?


It’s April, there’s a new book, so we have a new giveaway!

This month, we are giving away cozy mysteries to celebrate having a new one to be launched April 11, 12, and 13. Hope you join the celebration! Just hit the link above to go to the sign up for entry page-and I do hope you all win! I’d really like to have 200 sign up so there will be a 10 to 1 chance of winning-that seems like pretty good odds. So sign up, have your friends sign up-and you’ll be told about all our other specials and freebies and contests-what could be better?


Thank you to all who entered!


Congrats to our Winners!

Thank you all for entering the giveaway, and congratulations to our winners, I mailed out the prizes today!










Rosemarie and our runner-ups





Watch your emails and the webpage for more chances to win a giveaway!

Our next giveaway happens soon!

I am so tickled: one more time!

Free Book Giveaway!

We just published our newest book for Lent called Living the Promises of God: Devotions of Discovery. That calls for a new giveaway, as far as I am concerned!

So to enter hit this link:


To celebrate with our fans the new book, coming out Feb 14; we will be running a contest on the 8 last bestselling devotionals:

These eight books we are giving away to eight lucky readers who enter the giveaway, which goes live on Feb. 13. To go over it one more time-cause I love contests-To celebrate our latest book, we have embedded a giveaway in the book for our fans: to enter, get your copy before February 28, go to Day Seven in the book and find the text address for the Bible verse for that day (ex. James 2:13) and enter it on the giveaway form, along with your email, name and mailing address, and if you are one of those chosen, I will mail you an autographed, paperback of one of our eight bestselling devotionals from other years. So when you get one book, there is a chance for another free paperback. You do not have to buy a book to win: please read contest rules about that. The giveaway link doesn’t go live until publication day, Feb 14, so watch for more announcements for the new book and the giveaway.


Don’t you just love freebies and contests!

*********************************************************The great January giveaway is officially done!

Now we just draw the winners!

And I hope you are one of them! Thank you all for signing up.

The giveaway for January is over and done; no more names to be collected. The final random drawing is on January 31 at 6:00 pm. I will be mailing out books the rest of the week to the winners, (I do have to individually autograph them, and so it takes a little bit to process each one properly!)and small consolation prizes to a second 75 people-meaning you have 150 chances to win something! I’d say something silly like may the best man win-but in my book, you’re all the best- or May the force be with you? May the odds be ever in your favor? Whatever! I hope you win if you entered! Don’t forget-if you got an email from me asking for your mailing address, you have until noon January 31 to get it to me so you will be in the final drawing. Thanks for entering! Right now, looks like you have a 1 in 4 chance of winning; that’s not bad odds!

And remember what I said before, to be completely honest, you will be asked for your email so we can contact you and send you other notices of freebies and contests this but you can unsubscribe at any time. You can check my legals page to see our priovacy policy.
Later prizes for planned giveaways include a kindle and a set of hardback mystery classics-4 of them. We plan one giveaway every quarter-you won’t want to miss them! Be sure to join the list today!

We have a lot of books to gift this week!!

You must be 18 to enter: You must live in the lower 48 states. You are eligible for one of the 75 books; if you are chosen a winner, we will list the winners on the

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